Rockstar Is Planning To Adjust Development Strategy With GTA 6 As To Avoid Crunch

Rockstar Is Planning To Adjust Development Strategy With GTA 6 As To Avoid Crunch
Credit: GTA Network via YouTube

Grand Theft Auto 5 has now been out for 7 years. It’s one of Rockstar Games’ finest open sandboxes to date, which is pretty clear with the sales figures. Even in 2020, it sells great both in store and digitally. It has everything you would want in an open sandbox adventure game, from a bevvy of vehicles to drive to numerous customizations for your character.

And although this game is still popular, GTA fans have been pining for a sequel. There have been a couple of teasers here and there. One of the most notable was Rockstar changing their logo. It featured red, white, and blue colors and hidden messages that definitely got the GTA community wondering what’s to come.

Well, there are more rumors adding fuel to the fire. Just recently, there were reports going around that GTA 6 was being kicked into development. This news comes from the gaming site, Kotaku. It should be noted that it’s early and a potential sequel is probably still a couple of years off.

Thus, GTA fans will have to keep holding out while they enjoy the still amazing GTA 5. That’s not all, Kotaku has also broken down the development strategy for the next installment in the storied GTA franchise. They are reporting that when GTA 6 does release, it will be a moderately sized game.

Then after a couple of months after launch, more updates will come out to give gamers more content. The point here is to help Rockstar with crunch. It’s a hot-button issue in gaming, even still today. Developers are under tight deadlines set forth by publishers who want a return on their investment as quickly as possible.

And although this probably means a more conservative development schedule for GTA 6, it will be better on the developers at the end of the day. No developer should have to spend hours of overtime putting the finishing touches on a game against their will. There will always be those that want to, but having the option to keep a more conservative schedule should do everyone some good.

As far as what the next sequel will involve, there are some early reports that Rio de Janeiro will be the setting this time around. If true, then GTA 6 already has a lot going for it. This city in Brazil is so full of culture and life, which gives Rockstar so many story and gameplay directions to go in. Let’s just hope we get some official details from Rockstar sooner rather than later.