G2 Sweep Fnatic 3-0 To Win The League European Championship Spring Split 2020 Playoff Race

G2 Sweep Fnatic 3-0 To Win The League European Championship Spring Split 2020 Playoff Race
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

After three quick matches, G2 Esports captured the 2020 LEC Spring Split championship today with one of the most dominant postseason performances fans have seen from the European League of Legends team.

Throughout the postseason, fans wondered how strong G2 truly were. In the first round, they lost to the rookie-laden roster of MAD Lions. In the following series, they didn’t look nearly as clean as in previous seasons. As a result, many people believed that Fnatic had a good chance of winning the trophy.

But unfortunately for Fnatic fans, G2 didn’t come to play today. They came to dominate.

From the opening moments, G2 looked heads-and-shoulders above their competition. The seven-time champions broke out creative drafts with Lulu, Kog’Maw, and Janna, they rotated to crossmap plays with incredible speed, and they showed patience that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Meanwhile, Fnatic looked sluggish throughout most of the series. They were known for their great early game pressure, but they drafted champions that needed time to ramp up in power. As a result, G2 overwhelmed them with constant fights that they could never contest.

The only game that looked competitive was the third and final game, where Fnatic finally drafted themselves some champions with agency. Selfmade’s Gragas and Nemesis’ Azir did work in the early game, but small positioning mistakes and over-extensions allowed G2 to chip at their lead until there was nothing left to defend.

G2 broke out their 2019 form for this series, and as a result, they are now tied with Fnatic with seven European championships to their name. This is also Caps’ fifth championship in a row and Perkz’s seventh championship of his career.

This powerhouse team has proven that they are the best team that the Western League of Legends world has seen and that they won’t stop until the World Championship comes home with them.

In the interview after the game, the players were joking about upcoming role swaps again but after their success this split and the previous ones, no joke should be taken lightly from G2. Caps and Perkz are the best players in their roles and their role swap brought a lot of success to the G2 Esports organization.

Going forward for the summer split, G2 Esports is looking really good and Fnatic are really good as well, but just one step behind the dominant G2 Esports. Stay tuned for more information in the next days about LCS.