Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Be Getting VR In Late December, Which Will Be A Free Upgrade

Microsoft Flight Simulator Will Be Getting VR In Late December, Which Will Be A Free Upgrade
Credit: ObsidianAnt via YouTube

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a fantastic flight simulator featuring incredible details, from the planes to the environments. You would be hard-pressed to find a more realistic experience. It gets even the small details right that you hope for with games in this genre.

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So far, the community has taken to it well. Bugs have been worked out pretty consistently and content updates have given players the chance to check out new planes and regions. Many have been particularly excited about the addition of VR.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is already an incredible simulator, but adding VR to the mix is a recipe for success in the authenticity department. It should up the immersion like never before, making players feel like pilots in control of full-sized planes. On paper, that sounds incredible.

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We’ve known that VR support was on the way since this summer, but thanks to a recent developer update, we now know just when it will be available. In a Twitch stream, the developer provided a release date of December 23. That’s right around Christmas. It looks like Santa is ready to bring forward a heightened flight experience to fans of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Another huge announcement about VR support is that it will be a free upgrade. Those that already own the base game won’t have to pay a dime to experience the incredibly detailed and realistic graphics.

The last bit of news deals with VR headset compatible. It was originally reported that VR in this flight simulator will be available to a select number of VR headsets. That’s apparently changed as Asobo Studio just announced that VR support will be open to everyone. That includes Valve headsets and the Oculus brand.

That’s a pretty incredible announcement. Now more gamers will get to fly across the world in various planes with the VR headset of their choice. Microsoft Flight Simulator has already been an incredible game for many, and this latest news just keeps the positive vibes going strong.

Asobo Studio has dedicated a lot of time to crafting the world as we know it today. They even included an authentic weather system that responds to real-life data. Adding VR to the equation is just the cherry on top of the sundae.

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If you haven’t yet enjoyed this simulator, you’re missing out. From realistic airports to ample controls to master, this game provides hours and hours of fun flying content that you can enjoy across different regions of the world.