Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets United States World Update Today With Even More Realism

Microsoft Flight Simulator Gets United States World Update Today With Even More Realism
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a different type of beast as far as PC games go.

While we’re used to honong your skills over time to inevitably arrive at the boss for a tenacious and arduous battle of wits and strength, Microsoft Flight Simulator opts to give players a boss battle immediately in terms of figuring out how to fly a plane in a way that doesn’t result in horrible structural damage after taking a turn too sharply.

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Goofs aside, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more detailed and beautiful flight simulator than what Microsoft has offered forth, with paid additional content and all. Fly anywhere in the world, experience true-to-life physics systems with active weather and time of day playing a part with your flight.

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Cruise above the coast of Southern California, see what the boot of Italy has to offer from 2,000 feet in the air, or even the explore breathtaking vistas of Japan in early evening. Wherever you’re flying, you’ll see what you should see if you were actually in an aircraft, from the Eiffel Tower to the Statue of Liberty (which makes the standard immediate play scoping out your neighborhood), and it’s this very 1:1 scale the Microsoft Flight Simulator offers that has us continuing to lock ourselves into the pilots seat for a hundred more flight hours.

Even if we’re still iffy on the landings.

A recent update brought more detailed worlds of Japan to play in the title that is offered on the Xbox Games Pass for PC, and today Microsoft has revealed another monumental update; this time taking a closer look at the lands of the United States.

If you’ve got the video cards necessary and a monitor to view it, this is likely the best-looking world that has been digitally presented within a video game. 4K resolutions of some of the most breathtaking sights the North American country offers, from the deserts of Nevada to the plateaus of Utah, from New York City to the Kennedy Space Station.

The entirety of the update is free, making it a bit of a tastier morsel, bringing an ‘improved elevation model’ for the country along with four hand crafted airports. and fifty new points of interest for pilots to appreciate as they meander around lazily in the skies.

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Until they crash.

Developers of the title from Asobo Studio are clearly just ramping up their post-launch support, and fans have loads more that they can readily expect in terms of updates from the most critically acclaimed flight simulator title we’ve seen in years.