The Next Steam Sale Begins Tomorrow Marking The Arrival Of Autumn With Scores Of Deals

The Next Steam Sale Begins Tomorrow Marking The Arrival Of Autumn With Scores Of Deals
Credit: The Almost Gone via Steam

There are a slew of factors that should be weighing on you heavily when you consider whether to push for a next-generation console or finally make the switch into PC gaming. Or throw capitalism and keeping up with the Joneses a stiff finger and just be happy playing whatever you have.

Worth noting that you don’t see the ‘PC 2’ coming out to compete against the Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5.

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Goofs aside, one of the larger reasons that PC gaming can be preferred is thanks to Valve‘s PC gaming platform Steam, that can dwarf the walled-gardens of both Microsofts Xbox Store and the PlayStation store precisely because it isn’t a walled garden; it exists where competition (and thus, developers eager to outshine each other) can reign almost freely.

One of the bigger aspects Steam has going for it (aside from the lengthy list of what they accomplished in 2019 alone for gaming on their platform) are Steam Sales.

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If you’ve been online, chances are you’ve seen a bevy of Steam Sale memes where users herald ‘Lord Gaben’ and willingly sacrifice their wallets for the chance to grab a whole list of amazing titles for a purchase price that many platforms could only dream of (looking at you, Nintendo Switch).

Now, it’s worth stating that the Autumn Sale (which has been leaked as arriving tomorrow) isn’t one of the monumental sales the platform offers where you fill up your backlog for the next five years for thirty bucks; this is one of the smaller sales that Steam offers, and also marks the beginning of a non-stop beating that we’re all about to financially take.

If you recall last year, Valve had at least one sale event occurring for almost six months straight, with prices being marked as much as 90% off; this is the beginning of the sale parade, so play it smart and safe lest you sacrifice too much before the big Winter Sale (which is rivaled in scope and tradition only by the Summer Sale) hits in late December.

Now would be a good time to peruse your wishlist on Steam and ensure everything is in order; if something pops up on your wishlist for the sale, it’s a pretty safe bet to grab it.

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Note that it’s more than possible that the Winter sale could dwarf whatever discounts the upcoming Autumn sale has, so we wouldn’t readily recommend building the backlog just yet (even more so with Cyberpunk 2077 just around the corner) but if you’re itching to pull the trigger on a title, here’s your excuse.

The Steam Autumn Sale has been stated to begin on November 25, 1300 EST, and ending at 1300 EST on December 1st.