Microsoft Flight Simulator Reviews Have Started Trickling In Since Launch

Microsoft Flight Simulator Reviews Have Started Trickling In Since Launch
Credit: Microsoft Flight Simulator via YouTube

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been a game in the developmental oven for quite a while. Considering how much immersion and realistic details this game has, it’s not surprising it took Asobo Studios and Microsoft this long.

Now that it has been out for a couple of days, the community has started leaving their initial impressions of the game. So far, it seems the reviews are pretty mixed. Before getting into some shortcomings, let’s first focus on the pros considering that so much effort and time went into this flight simulation experience.

Starting off, the attention to detail is downright staggering. The developer really spared no expense creating a realistic experience flying a plane, from the real airports you can fly out of to the dynamic weather systems that change all of the time.

Not a lot of people have the opportunity to become real-life pilots, but now that Microsoft Flight Simulator is out, many gamers have the chance to live out their flying fantasies in a safe manner. The game is true to form in all of the most important ways.

Even just looking at the clouds as you fly by them lets you know how realistic of a simulator this game is. Their textures, dimensions, and overall impact on each flight give you inspiration and make taking in all of the sights fun — whether you’re flying across the United States or Europe.

Of course, Microsoft Flight Simulator isn’t perfect as indicated by the mixed reviews on Steam. Some of the more common problems include loading crashes, slow downloads, and missing content.

The developer has since put out a couple of workarounds until more permanent solutions are put out, but even still, a lot of players have had less than stellar experiences.

Luckily, the game’s pros far outweigh the negatives and as weeks go by, players can expect patches to address most of the more severe concerns. Did Microsoft Flight Simulator have a smooth launch? Not really, but it is playable and there are a lot of highlights like the beautiful environments, diversity in planes, and exceptional flight mechanics.

Never before has flying in a video game felt this good and that’s a testament to the developer’s continued efforts of progressing the series. If they can address concerns quickly and continue making improvements, then the sky truly is the limit for a game that already has shown so much potential.