Microsoft Flight Simulator Devs Outline Their Model For Paid Mods Through In-App Store

Microsoft Flight Simulator Devs Outline Their Model For Paid Mods Through In-App Store
Credit: Squirrel via YouTube

The upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator has multiple fans excited to once again soar through the air in a simulator that attempts to mimic real life in everything; with neighborhoods and clouds, airplanes and airports all holding startlingly close to reality in everything that has been revealed thus far.

The newest aspect to come from Microsoft regarding their simulator, however, could stymie the growing hype in the sim enthusiast world, with in-app purchases planned to help encourage modders to help extend the shelf life of what is appearing to be the most true-to-life simulator yet.

Granted, paid mods aren’t exactly new in the Microsoft Flight Simulator series.

Microsoft Flight Simulator X had them and performed admirably well, not even taking into account the staggering number of DLCs currently available for purchase on the Steam platform.

Microsoft will receive a portion of the purchase income, a fraction of the price of the mod that creators themselves can set in the new Agency model that allows the creators to determine the worth of the content offered.

Dubbed the Marketplace Partner Program, creators will need to apply to join the program and be approved by Microsoft; once you’ve been approved, there will be the standard myriad of performance tracking for your content, including how much you’re earning, how well your content is performing, and automatic payments from Microsoft.

Worth noting that Microsoft has a maximum capacity of creators that they can work with: while they announce in the post that they want to accept as many applications as possible, that ceiling is very real; get your applications in (here) if you’re chomping at the bit to be one of the partnered creators.

The partnership program also extends beyond MFS, but you’ll need to have a bit more to offer other than an interest in developing mods.

With Microsoft Flight Simulator releasing on the Xbox Game Pass, having your content prominently hosted through the in-game application ensures that people who are looking for an opportunity to supplement their income with modding have a fantastic opportunity while working in tandem with the Microsoft Flight Simulator team.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is slated to release on August 18 of 2020, just a bit more than a month to go before we’re soaring through the skies with relative impunity, and it will be releasing on the Xbox Game Pass. The closed beta is releasing access on July 30, offering many more an in-depth look at the sim before it officially releases.