Microsoft Flight Simulator’s New Screenshots Featuring Clouds Are Breathtaking

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s New Screenshots Featuring Clouds Are Breathtaking
Credit: Microsoft Flight Simulator via YouTube

There aren’t many games that are as realistic and beautiful as the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. These games feature flight simulation better than most. Whatever plane you end up choosing, there are always great sights up ahead. The latest installment in this series is shaping up to be great in that department.

Leading up to this simulator’s release, the developer has done a masterful job at teasing the game with screenshots. So far, we’ve seen some of the environments you’ll be able to soar past. From mountain ranges to busy city streets, it seems like this game is full of so much potential.

Some new screenshots were just put out by the developer, this time featuring beautiful clouds. They’re incredibly realistic and just go to show how much time the developer is putting into refining Microsoft Flight Simulator. They seem to have mastered the likeness of clouds perfectly. There are endless waves of them when you’re high up above.

Some of the screenshots show motion too, which are even more impressive. It’s so incredible seeing the weather effects as the user cuts through clouds like butter. It’s these experiences you’ll keep coming back for when Microsoft Flight Simulator officially releases sometime later in the year.

There are even sequences showing the user’s plane weaving in and out of clouds like they’re some sort of tunnel system hidden beneath the earth. It’s quite the visual that you just have to see for yourself to believe. If you weren’t already excited about this latest installment, these latest visuals probably have you beyond hyped.

Never before has the series featured this amount of detail, which is a testament to the developer’s constant pursuits of furthering the series along in the right directions. From a bevvy of aircrafts to fly with to the jaw-dropping environments you’ll make your way through, Microsoft Flight Simulator is showing a lot of potential.

Now we just need to get a firm release date locked in so fans have something to mark on their calendar. The coronavirus has impacted a lot of developers these past few months, and that’s probably the case for Microsoft Corporation. It’s still nice to see screenshots of what they’ve worked so hard on these last couple of years.

They give us a glimpse of this game’s true potential. Let’s just hope the performance plays just as good as the visuals look. Microsoft Corporation fortunately has a good track record in this department.