Expansive Worlds Adds Patch Of Hotfixes To theHunter: Call Of The Wild’s Latest Great Ones Update

Expansive Worlds Adds Patch Of Hotfixes To theHunter: Call Of The Wild’s Latest Great Ones Update
Credit: Expansive Worlds via YouTube

Expansive Worlds recently added a huge amount of new content to their game with their latest Great Ones patch. Some of the multiple additions include a wide variety of bug fixes as well as a great number of sound design improvements to make the world feel alive. We discussed the recent update as April came to a close, highlighting the most interesting additions.

Of course, one of the biggest additions – quite literally – was the implementation of the Great Ones mechanic. When animals spawn, there’s a rare chance that one will be of the Great One class, which is the new highest possible tier of animal. Not only are these animals incredibly rare, hunting them is a Herculean task in and of itself, so even if you manage to find one you’ll have to pull out all stops to make sure you can take it down.

Unfortunately, when new content is added, bugs have a tendency to pop up. Ironically, this patch brought a good number of bug fixes and general improvements – twenty-four all in all, to be exact – but that hasn’t stopped others from popping up.

To deal with the new issues, Expansive Worlds have added in a patch of hotfixes. This next update won’t have any new content but will instead fix five bugs that the development team was able to identify and recreate so that they could get rid of them.

The five bug fixes are as follows:

  • Fixed issues with game crashes when entering the trophy lodge with a reindeer or caribou trophy
  • Fixed issues causing trophies/trophy lodges to fail to save
  • Addressed male mule deers that were spawning invisibly
  • Fixed female reindeer/caribou spawning with no antlers
  • Adjusted several rare fur variations that were more common than intended

Obviously, these aren’t simple bugs, and some could even be considered game-breaking. The trophy lodge failing to save especially is unspeakably disheartening, as finding out your progress has failed to save after spending a few hours bagging the trophy you needed is a heartbreaking experience.

Invisible deers spawning, though, is probably one of the most complicated hunts you could ever go on. Hopefully, Expansive Worlds was able to find the exact problem and fix it so that all prey is spawning visibly.

As time goes on, there may be more bug fixes coming to address issues brought in by the new update. Either way, all of the new content brought in with the Great Ones update might even make a few bugs worth dealing with.