Expansive Worlds’ theHunter: Call Of The Wild Receives Free Update, Including Numerous Bug Fixes And New Features

Expansive Worlds’ theHunter: Call Of The Wild Receives Free Update, Including Numerous Bug Fixes And New Features
Credit: Expansive Worlds via YouTube

Expansive Worlds has added a great amount to their hunting simulator theHunter: Call of the Wild with their latest patch. This patch brings a huge amount of bug fixes, as well as some sound design improvements and the addition of the ultimate animal to hunt, the Great One.

The Great One isn’t a single specific mythical beast, despite the impact of such a title. Instead, Great One is the new highest possible tier of animal that you’ll be able to find, coming in at a 10-fabled instead of the 9-legendary that previously was the highest rank to find. Great Ones are incredibly rare variants of other species that are already in the game, and are an extremely rare thing just to find, much less successfully hunt.


The sound design team kicked it into high gear with this latest patch as well. Expansive Worlds new patch brings in updated, remixed sounds of animal footsteps and movement to help give a “better sense of distance and spatiality.” A similar treatment has been giving to many animal calls, as well as some tweaks to the amplitude of some player sounds and environmental sounds to ensure they don’t get too loud. With all of those fixes, they’re still looking forward to improving the sound quality even more in the future.

All in all, there are twenty-four bug fixes coming in with this patch as well. Here are a handful of the fixes you can expect to find:

  • Floating roads and terrains have been fixed
  • The 10GA lever-action shotgun will no longer infinitely shoot while using slugs
  • Sombra will no longer flee after spawning during the Baden’s Folly side mission, and also will respawn correctly after harvesting
  • Fixed multiple photo missions to be somewhat easier to complete
  • Added in missing footsteps sounds for the Grizzly Bear
  • Fixed jittering animals when idle, feeding, or drinking
  • Fixed a variety of UI issues causing truncated text, as well as various crashes
  • Fixed issues with the tracking HUD showing wrong animal classes when interacting with calls
  • Fixed over-under shotgun that couldn’t fire the second shot from the hip.
  • Fixed the spawn rate of melanistic Red Deer

This selection of bug fixes isn’t an exhaustive lists, but are the changes that you might notice quicker on starting your hunt. There’s still plenty more coming down the pipeline, so if there are still some issues you’d like to see fixed, Expansive Worlds will likely address it soon if it hasn’t been addressed with this latest patch.