Destiny 2 Weekly Reset For The Week Of April 28th Through May 1st Guardian Games Still Ongoing

Destiny 2 Weekly Reset For The Week Of April 28th Through May 1st Guardian Games Still Ongoing
Credit: Bungie via Youtube

This week in Destiny 2 sees the continuation of the Guardian Games event, and boy are those scores close. As you keep turning in points for your respective class however, you might also want to see what weekly activities are now available.

The Nightfall- The Ordeal for this week is Exodus Crash, and this one is a doozy to complete at the 100k score threshold thanks to just how slippery this boss can be. If you are able to take on the challenge however, you have the opportunity to earn pinnacle gear and a higher exotic drop rate for rewards. There is also the chance of grabbing the exclusive Impact Velocity exotic sparrow.

The other Legacy Nightfall activities available are The Festering Core, Lake of Shadows, and Tree of Probabilities. Unfortunately, The Festering Core doesn’t have a unique drop, but the other two have weapons you can grind for. Head for the European Dead Zone strike to grab The Militia’s Birthright grenade launcher, or if you’re in the market for the D.F.A handcannon you should grind out the Tree of Probabilities.

Moving on to open-world activities, the flashpoint for this week is Io. If anybody wants to help out our favorite scientist Asher Mur for legendary gear drops, now is a perfect time. In the Hellmouth on the Moon, the Nightmare of Jaxx, Claw of Xivu Arath is waiting for a guardian to slay. Additionally, the Trove Guardian is found wandering the Anchor of Light.

The curse is growing over in the Dreaming City, unfortunately for its denizens. Fortunately for the guardians, however, it means a host of new activities to complete for the week. Petra can be found at the Divalian Mists, and you can complete The Oracle Engine weekly mission for her. Additionally, the Shattered Ruins Ascendant challenge is now available in the Spine of Keres location.

As for the PvP rotation for the week, the current playlists are Supremacy and Breakthrough. Sorry to disappoint those who were hoping for Mayhem in order to grind out the crucible triumphs for the Guardian Games event.

Finally, to wrap up some miscellaneous events, the Escalation Protocol boss is Naksud, the Famine, who has a chance of dropping all three Ikelos weapons. The Reckoning boss is The Swords and has a Void singe burn. The final note this week is the Menagerie Boss. You can head to Calus’ ship and attempt to take down Pagouri, Vex Hydra.

There you have all the weekly rotational activities for the week of April 28th through May 1st. Try and multitask when you can, and complete weekly activities along with Guardian Games triumphs for the most efficient progress. You can also tune in next week for more information on the next Destiny 2 Weekly reset.