Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Finally Set To Release August 18

Microsoft Flight Simulator Is Finally Set To Release August 18
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Microsoft Flight Simulator has been in alpha testing for quite a while now. It has given Asobo Studio plenty of time to refine mechanics and put the finishing touches on what looks like one of the best installments to date.

This flight simulator series has always been authentic, from the controls in each plane to the environments. However, this latest version seems to be doubling down on everything. It truly is the definitive flying experience that is taking immersion to the next level.

Early this month, the closed beta was finally announced. It’s taking place July 30 and signups are still available through the Flight Sim Insider. It seems like a great way to see what the developer has worked so hard on these last couple of years.

If you’re not selected to partake in the closed beta, don’t worry. The official release date is actually right around the corner. Starting August 18, gamers will be able to strap in some detailed cockpits and take to the clouds like they’re an official pilot.

Finally, this game is about to get a full release — meaning every feature and system will be available. There will be two editions at launch: the standard and a deluxe edition. The latter will include more airports and planes, which is great if you’re looking for the most bang for your buck.

It was also revealed that Microsoft Flight Simulator will be available on Xbox Game Pass for PC at launch. You can actually pre-install it through this program if you want. This way, when the game is available, you won’t have to worry about any loading times. You’ll be able to enjoy the high-soaring action right away.

Considering a membership to Xbox Game Pass for the PC is pretty affordable, there doesn’t seem like a better way to check out this latest installment in a popular simulator series. You’ll still get to enjoy all of the incredible content in the standard edition.

For a while, it seemed like development for this game would never cease. Fans were provided with updates here and there, but there seemed like no end in sight. It’s good to see that isn’t the case anymore. Only a month and some days before gamers can finally experience everything that Microsoft Flight Simulator is offering out of the gate.

Whether you’re looking for a dynamic weather system or in-depth cockpit controls, this game should deliver on all fronts.