Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Closed Beta Is Coming Soon; More Details To Be Revealed Next Week

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Closed Beta Is Coming Soon; More Details To Be Revealed Next Week
Credit: Microsoft Flight Simulator via YouTube

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 has garnered a lot of attention over the last couple of months, especially in terms of its authentic details. Based on trailers and developer notes, it’s shaping up to be one of the best installments in the series to date.

Asobo Studio and Microsoft Corporation are set on taking the series to new heights, and that’s pretty evident with many aspects like the weather system, controls, and real-life locations that players will be able to fly over.

The alpha has now been out for a while and it’s painting an even more promising picture. Now it’s about time for the closed beta, but just when will it be available?

Well according to the game’s official website, it looks like fans will find out more in a July 2nd update. That’s next Thursday for those interested in seeing what new developments have been made to a very realistic and fun-looking flight simulator.

The alpha has gotten a lot of things right and shown players what’s in store. Hopefully, the closed beta shows even more elements and concepts that the developer has worked diligently on.

It’s clear Asobo Studio and Microsoft Corporation are taking their time with this project. They don’t want to rush out a product that isn’t finished because they know how die-hard their fans are.

Every time one of these simulator games comes out, there are noteworthy changes and new features. They seem to be doubling down in the realism department, that’s for sure.

From the intricate clouds to the accurate weather forecasting, Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is shaping up to be a truly re-defining experience. It was even teased that VR support could be coming down the pipe. Experiencing the added immersion certainly sounds like an incredible experience.

Before then, though, the developer needs to work on the finishing touches and see how the community responds to the closed beta. Hopefully all goes according to plan and the studio gets the notes they need to make the necessary improvements.

If you haven’t checked out the latest screenshots and gameplay, now’s a great time. They’ll give you a pretty good idea of the advancements the developer has made both visually and gameplay wise. You’ll also get to see what sort of planes might be available when the closed beta kicks off.

It’s a pretty exciting time for this series. The last installment was received well and if initial fan reactions are anything to go off of, the newest installment could be one for the ages.