Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Weather System Was Broken Down In Greater Detail In Latest Trailer

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Weather System Was Broken Down In Greater Detail In Latest Trailer
Credit: Microsoft Flight Simulator via YouTube

Out of all the simulation games set to release the next couple of years, Microsoft Flight Simulator is shaping up to be the most promising.

The developer is introducing all kinds of realistic details that you just have to see to believe. What’s really showing a lot of promise — in particular — is the weather system.

What’s a simulation aircraft game without realistic weather? Well in this upcoming installment, it looks more realistic than ever.

The high-definition screenshots of clouds that keep coming out show you the real potential of Microsoft Flight Simulator. There are just so many details that it’s downright impressive how the developer was able to achieve such realistic effects.

Thanks to a recent trailer, fans don’t have to remain in the dark as far as how the secret sauce — or in this case weather — is made.

A developer goes into explaining how Earth in the game is comprised of tiny boxes. Each one has its own separate weather system.

Things like temperature and humidity are defined for every box, which allows there to be varying weather systems all over the globe. It’s just like what you would expect in real life.

The trailer then talks about the game’s partnership with Meteoblue, a meteorological service developed at the University of Basel, Switzerland. It’s this partnership that’s giving rising to accurate weather forecasting.

The move shows what lengths Microsoft Corporation will go to achieve new heights of realism in this flight simulator. They’ve always done a great job with the series, but this latest installment could be their finest yet. It certainly is looking to be the most detailed and immersive.

That’s great news if you’ve ever dreamed of what it would be like flying high above, moving through clouds like a hot knife through butter.

The weather system is just one of the many aspects that are shining bright already ahead of this flight simulator’s official release. There currently is no date for its arrival to the public, but the alpha stage has been underway for some time now.

Fans will have to just keep waiting a little while longer as the developer tries to complete the finishing touches sooner rather than later.

They have a lot to be proud of already and it will be exciting to see this game perform once it’s officially done. It could be truly ground-breaking for the simulation genre as a whole.