Minecraft Dungeons’s Upcoming DLC, Creeping Winter DLC, Will Add New Achievements

Minecraft Dungeons’s Upcoming DLC, Creeping Winter DLC, Will Add New Achievements
Credit: @DungeonsGame on Twitter

Minecraft Dungeons is a very popular game that has already released its first DLC, called The Jungle Awakens. This DLC, while offering new levels and new weapons for the players to enjoy and experience, but players quickly noticed that the new DLC didn’t feature any new achievements. This upset some players who pride themselves on getting all achievements that games offer.

While Minecraft Dungeons may no longer be the most popular game on Nintendo’s Switch eShop but this game still widely popular among players that enjoy the Dungeon-Crawler game genre.

Players that enjoy not only playing the game but getting all the achievements in a game, these players often return to a game once it has gotten either new achievements through an update or gotten new achievements through a recently released DLC.

The previous DLC called The Jungle Awakens saw levels, weapons, and enemies added to Minecraft Dungeons but lacked any new or inventive achievements, which caused some players to not return to the dungeon crawler game.

The Twitter account named Minecraft Dungeons, and has the handle of @dungeonsgame, recently tweeted out an image with the caption of “Take a well-known level; add a splash of extra Creepers, a pinch of rare loot and mix well with intensified difficulty. Daily Trials arrive September 8th! Bringing you challenging, game-changing and explosive(!) new ways to test your skills!”

This caption doesn’t let the player know about the upcoming achievement, but a reply to this tweet by David Nisshagen makes a simple statement saying, “Achievements Confirmed.” The casual response to the Xbox tweet is a perfect way to release that statement without giving away to much information or releasing too little information. This keeps players excited for this new DLC without letting them know too much information.

David Nisshagen is an Executive Producer for Minecraft Dungeons at Minecraft Studios and casually stating how achievement-focused gamers will have much more to enjoy when they start playing through the Creeping Winter DLC pack for Minecraft Dungeons.

Sadly, this simple tweet doesn’t go into much detail, and this means players still don’t know how many achievements will be added or how difficult these achievements will be to complete.

The Creeping Winter DLC is still slated to release on September 8th, 2020, which means players should get ready to enjoy all the new achievements.