Minecraft Releases Mind-Blowing Ten Year Anniversary Map In Collaboration With Blockworks

Minecraft Releases Mind-Blowing Ten Year Anniversary Map In Collaboration With Blockworks
Credit: Mojang via Youtube

Everyone’s favorite block-based building game, Minecraft, has recently celebrated its ten year anniversary. To celebrate, Mojang has released a free map for PC users in celebration. The map features an amusement park, including tours of the Minecraft landscape and mobs, and a celebration of the history of the game.

Mojang describes the map as such on its download page,” Celebrate 10 Years of Minecraft with this amazing new map from BlockWorks. Witness the history of Minecraft from its humble beginnings, wander the Mob Garden, explore glorious Redstone Contraptions, and much more. Keep an eye out for hidden Easter eggs and secrets.”

The map is already released and is completely free to download as their gift to the players who have funded Minecraft’s success. It is available for both Java and Bedrock editions to ensure all players will be allowed to experience it.

The build features absolutely stunning architectural marvels and starts you off in a redesigned sand temple. Walking forward inside of the door will take you to a railway. The railway is designed as a historical display, propelling you forward through ten years of updates and patches.

Following the completion of a quick puzzle, you are allowed to enter the main attraction – the Minecraft amusement park. The park features five separate areas for players to explore, and every nook and cranny is filled to the brim with details and fun facts.

The Vault acts as a central hub for players, and all other areas of the map are connected through here. The outside is modeled after diamond ore blocks, one of the most beloved sights for those playing the game. The inside functions as a museum, and includes almost every single block in the game. Not only for display, but chests underneath each block also give you details and fun facts about them.

The next locale we will explore is the Biodomes, glass covered spheres within which all the different encounterable biomes within the game reside. Each different biome is again detailed within books that give players access to interesting tidbits of information. The different locations have been painstakingly sculpted and are absolutely a treat to explore.

Following the railway system throughout the park will take you to the Museum of Redstone. This massive piece of industrial architecture houses different types of mechanisms and machines that can be built with the powdery substance. The top level is dominated by a TNT cannon, rocketing you out of the building.

The Mob Gardens function as yet another museum of Minecraft’s features, this time showcasing the creatures within it. Both hostile and passives mobs are included, and even the eggs used to spawn in the creatures in creative mode are immortalized in giant recreations.

Finally, we arrive at the Academy. This is perhaps the most important location of them all, as it is a testament to the good that the Minecraft franchise has made in real life. Details are shared in science fair style displays about Minecraft Education Edition and their charity organization called Block by Block. Locations directly benefitted by their charity are listed here, as are the benefits to children in different subjects like language and science by the education edition.

It is highly recommended interested players explore the map on their own time, as the attention to detail cannot possibly all be described here. The 10th Anniversary Map is stunning, and the team at Blockworks outdid themselves with this particular build. Minecraft history is now immortalized in its own world and continues to grow ever wider with each passing update.