A Tabletop RPG Starter Kit Is Set To Come Out Called Cyberpunk Red; Will Include Custom Dice and Cover Art

A Tabletop RPG Starter Kit Is Set To Come Out Called Cyberpunk Red; Will Include Custom Dice and Cover Art
Credit: Kazuliski via YouTube

One game that’s being talked about in almost every gaming circle is Cyberpunk 2077. It’s probably the most anticipated RPG in the last 10 years. The settings look immaculate, the augments are extremely diverse, and the character creation seems like a game-changer. The game is gaining so much attention, and honestly, it seems like it will live up to the hype.

Before the official release from CD Projekt Red, fans can look forward to a prequel. It’s called Cyberpunk Red, the latest version of the tabletop game. As of August 1, a starter kit for the game will be available — which is perfect for fans looking to wet their beaks a bit before the official video game comes out.

There are a lot of things to break down concerning this news, but let’s start with the cover art. It was revealed pretty recently. The focal point is a woman with a blueish hint of skin. She’s surrounded by a bunch of supposed gang members sporting a venom jacket. The visuals are true to what has been shown in footage of Cyberpunk 2077. The artist did a fantastic job designing this scene with all of its vibrant details.

R. Talsorian Games — the tabletop’s publisher — confirmed that the stories of the original tabletop game and upcoming video game will be unified. This is great news for those interested in learning about the direction the developers at CD Projekt could be going in with their upcoming RPG, which is shot in first-person.

Even the dice coming with the set have received a custom design. They feature black and red, a bold color scheme that should set the tone ever before the game is played. In addition to this physical release, a digital version is being put out for those who prefer this format more. It’s a great move that should really expand the target audience for this tabletop game.

On paper, this tabletop seems to be the perfect opportunity to familiarize yourself with the lore of Cyberpunk. It should give you the chance to learn about past events and central figures. Additionally, it seems like a great way to socialize with fellow fans. Playing with them in person just enhances your social interaction, where everyone can take part in the fun.

As far as price, Cyberpunk Red will be $29.99. That’s not a bad deal considering the custom cover, dice, physical maps, and news clippings that are included.