Playthroughs Of Cyberpunk 2077 Have Sparked Vigorous Argument Over Whether Lifepath Is The Finest

Playthroughs Of Cyberpunk 2077 Have Sparked Vigorous Argument Over Whether Lifepath Is The Finest
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Players of Cyberpunk 2077 are aware that before delving further into the mysteries of Night City, they are initially given the decision to make. V had to have their start someplace, and the game allows you to choose where that was. You have the option of selecting from one of three predetermined lifepaths, each of which is unique to the others. It gives you a little more influence over your character’s past, allowing you to shape them into the character you want to be playing.

Like any other possible set combination, fans always have an opinion about which one is the finest. So naturally, this has resulted in a discussion on the game’s subreddit, in which players are invited to select their preferred life path and explain why they believe it is superior to the others.

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For instance, Reddit user TechnologyDeep942 favors the Nomad lifestyle because it allows them to take in Night City and all its splendor from a stranger’s perspective, reflecting their feelings of excitement and adventure upon first arriving in a new place.

TheScarletRevenger believes that, from a lore standpoint, the Corpo lifepath is the one that makes the most sense, even though the reasoning presented here is rather compelling. They claim that in this lifepath, V’s status as a Corpo gives them more reason to despise Arasaka than in the Street Kid and Nomad lifepaths and that V’s friendship with Jackie makes more sense in this scenario than in any other. Another compelling line of reasoning.

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Then there is Ok-Refrigerator3436, who is more interested in the Street Kid way of life. They claim that picking Corpo, who has everything, to begin with, would have been unfair because they intended to start Cyberpunk 2077 from scratch.

Finally, NestroyAM, who also agrees with this line of reasoning, asserts that playing as Corpo V at the beginning of the game results in a gameplay experience that is highly fragmented after he begins associating with mercenaries early on in the game.