OWL – London Spitfire’s New General Manager Confirms A Full Western Roster For The Next Season

OWL – London Spitfire’s New General Manager Confirms A Full Western Roster For The Next Season
Credit: London Spitfire

The London Spitfire has been rumored recently that the management wants to build a European roster for their Overwatch League team. As the organization welcomes a new General Manager, Ysabel “Noukky” Müeller confirms this speculation that the U.K.-based team will do a full roster overhaul for 2021.

On October 16, the Twitter account of the Spitfire announced that Müeller would take GM’s place for the team. “Please welcome the new General Manager of the London Spitfire @Noukky as she brings an update on what to expect from the team in 2021,” the tweet reads. Attached to the message is a YouTube link where the new GM discusses the org’s plans for both OWL and Contenders.

In the video, she aims to enlighten their fans that the Spitfire is still dedicated to being the top team in the European region. Afterward, the GM announced that they are in the process of a full facelift for their roster and are most likely dropping their all-Korean lineup. “We’ll focus on Western, especially European talents,” Müeller continues. There have been discussions in the league recently that the Asian players are outshining the NA and EU players.

She also discussed extensively how the Cloud9-owned franchise would continue supporting the Overwatch Contenders circuit, and British Hurricane will continue to represent their academy team. The General Manager also plans to strengthen the relationship between the main team and their Tier 2 lineup. She emphasized that this system will help nourish and prepare their academy team if they get signed to an OWL team.

She also boasts that the Hurricane has been honing the best European players in OWL, cementing them as one of the teams that sold most players. “I personally think that all the Overwatch League teams should have a responsibility of helping the Path to Pro grow,” Noukky pleads to the other OWL franchises to continue supporting their region’s Contenders circuit teams.

In the latter part of the video, she stated that transparency is her goal as the Spitfire’s newly appointed General Manager. And since the organization is in the rebuilding process, she explicitly predicts that it is unlikely the team will be in the top 5 or even be competitive for the Grand Finals. But she promised that they would represent the European scene well and fans will be proud.

Müeller is the GM for both the Spitfire and the Hurricane. She is also the Team Manager for Cloud9’s VALORANT division, and she was the GM of OW’s Team Germany.