Blizzard Provides A First Look To World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ New Hub, Oribos

Blizzard Provides A First Look To World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands’ New Hub, Oribos
Credit: PicturePlane via YouTube

Blizzard has provided World of Warcraft fans with a first look at Oribos, the central hub of the upcoming World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion! Much like Dalaran has served in previous expansions, Oribos is set to be the primary base of operations for players.

Serving as a crossroads of the Shadowlands, Oribos is meant to be the entryway into the afterlife where souls are judged by the Arbiter for their final resting place. Instead, the Arbiter has gone dormant, and all souls that flow through Oribos are being damned to the Maw – including you.

There seems to be a heavy amount of influence from the tale of Ouroboros, the ancient snake that eats its own tail in a representation of a never-ending cycle. Aside from the name similarities, the emblem of Oribos is a helix of hexagons interlinked with one another, incredibly similar to the circular symbol of Ouroboros.

Within the neutral walls of Oribos, members of the Horde and the Alliance will be forced to set aside their differences – which shouldn’t be a problem now that the Fourth War has ended with the completion of Battle for Azeroth. There, players will meet the denizens – the Attendants and the Brokers.

The Attendants are “mysterious beings who were created to tend to the Eternal City and ensure the Arbiter carries out her duties without interruption.” Guided by the belief that the Shadowlands follow the Arbiter’s will, they are unfailingly loyal to the now-dormant Arbiter.

Attendants are split into three paths: Caretakers, Scholars, and Protectors, all of whom are rather self-explanatory. Caretakers maintain the function of the city, Scholars hold the knowledge, and Protectors… protect.

Next to Attendants are Brokers, natives of an unknown realm that bear a strong number of similarities to Ethereals. Brokers are expert dealers in Anima, the essence of life that fuels the Shadowlands, and are always willing to provide merchandise and services at a cost.

Through the center of Oribos flows the Soul Stream, the constantly-flowing feed of mortal souls entering the Shadowlands. While normally judged by the Arbiter, her dormancy has the Soul Stream now flowing directly into the damnation of the Maw, for the greatest heroes and most vile villains.

Players will also find the Rings of Fates and Transference, two districts that mimic the uses of other cities. In the Ring of Fates, players and heroes will find profession trainers, banks, and vendors. In the Rin of Transference, they’ll find transportation and portals back to the realms of the living.

Once the gates to the Shadowlands are open, players will fill the halls of Oribos. The neutral hub will provide everything we need, as well as a much-needed respite.