OWL – DPS Danteh’s Contract With The Houston Outlaws Expires, Still Open To Resigning

OWL – DPS Danteh’s Contract With The Houston Outlaws Expires, Still Open To Resigning
Credit: Houston Outlaws

On a busy day for the Houston Outlaws, numerous players have been released and are now free agents. Among these announcements is star DPS player Dante “Danteh” Cruz tweeted that he is open to options for the Overwatch League 2021 season. Though the Tracer player is not closing his door to his old team, the H-town might lose one of its clutch players.

Danteh has been with the Outlaws since the 2018 offseason as the team lacked a Tracer player at the time. Both Jake (who is now an OWL caster) and LiNkzr (now a free agent, as well) proved to be lacking the skills to keep up with the top Tracer players. Though the latter showed promise, the Outlaws management decided to sign a player rather than breed one. From the San Francisco Shock, Cruz was outshined by the now-VALORANT player, Sinatraa.

The 21-year old pro also played as off-tank before the OWL sprouted in teams such as Denial Esports and Arc6. He was known to be a DPS and off-tank flex player. Danteh has played alongside the likes of Custa, xQc, and SPACE. Now that he is open to any league teams, it doesn’t look bright for fans of the Outlaws who want to keep their clutch player.

In his tweet, Danteh writes, “My contract with Outlaws is expiring, and I will be a free agent for the upcoming season. This doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t be on Outlaws next year, but I’m free to explore my options.” He has also opened his Direct Messages and linked his Discord for management to inquire.

In the last two seasons, the Texas-based team has been in the rebuilding process. And after Jake announcing his retirement, the coaching staff and his teammates look up to Danteh to step up for the responsibility. With his insane Sombra plays and top-tier Tracer maneuvering, the flex DPS has provided the team with comfortability against the OWL’s top dogs.

In his tweet, Andy Miller, CEO and Founder of the NRG Esports, responded with two eyes that imply that the management is interested. It is noteworthy that NRG owns the SF Shock franchise, the team Danteh was originally signed before getting transferred to the Outlaws. In support of his free agency, teammate Blase vouched for how talented and easy it is to work with Danteh.

The Overwatch League might get crazier and crazier as we dive deeper into its offseason.