CS:GO – FalleN Officially Announced As Joining Team Liquid To Replace Twistzz

CS:GO – FalleN Officially Announced As Joining Team Liquid To Replace Twistzz
Credit: lennonMK via YouTube

Rifler Twistzz suddenly vacated his spot within the core of the Team Liquid roster after playing with the team for years in what was referred to as a ‘mutual decision’ of both the organization and the player himself.

It’s been stated by various outlets that the player is looking to shift to the European Counter-Strike scene, and has been streaming EU FPL almost daily in the interim since his absence from Team Liquid.

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Rumors were bubbling of Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo joining Team Liquid to replace the rifler Twistzz, and is expected to become the primary AWPer which Liquid has desperately needed in spite of Jake Yip’s best efforts to hold onto the role while IGLing and NAF’s intermittent appearances with the one-hitter-quitter.

Gabriel Toledo has played against Liquid very many times in the past years, even through the pandemic: Brazil is wrapped into the NA CS:GO scene for competitions and tourneys, meaning that the players have faced each other consistently in the fiercest of matches for the past two years that FalleN has been on MIBR (since the summer of 2018).

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FalleN has used the AWP in the past more than any other weapon combined, making the AWPer statistically well-practiced at least in comparison to the rest of Team Liquid.

FalleN is scheduled to make his first appearance with the North American Team Liquid roster later in January in the upcoming BLAST Premier Global Finals that are to take place from January 19 to the 24th; how well the AWPer will be ingrained with the rest of the NA team will be on clear display, although FalleN has already played with Jake ‘Stewie2K’ Yip in years prior on MIBR and SK.

The team seems excited to play with FalleN, and everything seems primed for a fascinating reveal in late January, although there is one aspect that should be noted.

FalleN is already 29 years of age, on a team of three 23-year-olds and Grim who is 20.

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This makes him, in the world of Counter-Strike, an arguable fossil that doesn’t have much time left within the competitive league before he shifts into a streaming life or possibly as an analyst.

In his current form, there’s no doubt that the former MIBR Brazilian player will bring a bit of much-needed LRM to the legendary NA team, but the question that still needs to be asked is precisely how long he’ll be able to be a benefit to the team before age begins to slow him down.