Mihail ‘Dosia’ Stolyarov Banned From Twitch For A Week Due To Words Said On Stream

Mihail ‘Dosia’ Stolyarov Banned From Twitch For A Week Due To Words Said On Stream
Credit: Twitch Prime via Twitter

The latest in what is becoming a long line of bans, either temporary or permanent, from Twitch has just added a new member to the queue of ‘no streaming’ in the form of professional CS:GO player Mihail ‘Dosia’ Stolyarov.

Dosia maintains a persona on Twitch of the mellow uncle that constantly utters random profanities in a decidedly laid-back way, shooting off profanities throughout every stream in Russian.

Today, he said the Russian word ‘pidor’ which means ‘faggot’. The ban is rumored to last for roughly a week.

Rumors abound that Twitch measured Dosia’s bust before handing out the ban, and found that he did not meet the criteria for special considerations. Further, as he was not taking advantage of women, either, the ban-hammer came swiftly.

Not that the majority of fans on Twitch are necessarily crying over the ban: certain words stretch well beyond common profanity and frustration and enter a realm of simply crass and uncouth behavior. It’s difficult to defend anyone using a homosexual term as an insult, as though they are somehow beneath others due to sexual preference, but stupidity tends to reign supreme on the internet.

The only reason it’s known as to why Dosia was likely suspended is thanks to Russian Twitch viewers being in the chat when it occurred, and watching the stream actively; Twitch has again not offered any further considerations or statements on why yet another popular streamer has been handed a suspension.

While we’ve explored the issues with their silence as they offer bans hindering the community as a whole, this is pretty much as ‘cut and dry’ as they can come.

In spite of this, some have come to Dosia’s defense, stating that the word is different within the context of Russian culture, and Twitch cannot necessarily hold every culture against the American standard.

Some websites mention ‘pidor’ as coming from Armenian origin, meaning ‘dear friend’ or ‘the happiest person’. The context of the video, however, clearly implies that the name was inserted among one of the very-many ‘relaxing’ rants that Dosia tends to embark on.

There are certain terms that many find wildly offensive, well beyond the standard litany of profanity; as Twitch is its own company, it is free to censor whatever words they need to so it is a welcoming and appealing place for others to spend their time in. Any arguments about the word not being ‘that incendiary’ will hopefully fall on deaf ears.