Dragon Quest Island Outdoor Adventure Opens In Japan In Spring 2021

Dragon Quest Island Outdoor Adventure Opens In Japan In Spring 2021
Credit: Dragon Quest Island Website

A new real-life outdoor park was announced called Dragon Quest Island. The attraction will be located in Awaji Island Anime Park within Hyogo Prefecture.

Dragon Quest Island is an interactive RPG where players will explore the world within the game. The attraction combines real and digital content, and the visitor takes on the role of the protagonist. Players will walk around the attraction as if they are an RPG character going on an epic quest.

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There will be some original characters and monsters introduced in the attraction. In addition, the park will sell limited-edition merchandise and special menu items. These items have not yet been revealed, but fans can look forward to dining on special Dragon Quest meals that are not available anywhere else.

Awaji Island was chosen as the home to Dragon Quest Island because it’s the hometown of Yuji Horii, the creator of the series. It’s also a location closely related to the Dragon Quest series. Those visiting the area may recognize Lotto’s Sword and Shield, plus a slime that stands in Sumoto Civic Square.

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Since the announcement was recently made, there’s not much information about what will be included within the special attraction.

The original character introduced on the website is a slime named Homirotto, who is a reliable companion who gives players advice and helps them during battle. From the character’s description, it appears that the friendly character will accompany players throughout the entire attraction.

The outdoor park is already home to several attractions. They include the Naruto and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations park filled with trials and other challenges to see who can collect all of the missing seals. There’s even a ramen shop after the adventure is over.

In 2020, the park debuted its new Godzilla attraction. Within the park is a 120-meter long statue of Godzilla with its mouth wide open. From the park, fans can zipline right into its smoking mouth.

Those in Japan can purchase tickets online for the attraction of their choice.

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Dragon Quest Island has an official Twitter account that will announce further information about the game. The official website has also been revealed with a few images and a link back to social media.

Dragon Quest Island is planned to open in Spring 2021.