Mercyful Flames Is a New Horror RPG Announced For PC And Nintendo Switch

Mercyful Flames Is a New Horror RPG Announced For PC And Nintendo Switch
Credit: Steam XO

Indie developer Asmodev has announced an upcoming detective experience as Mercyful Flames has been announced for PC and Nintendo Switch audiences. Players will enter the dark ages that have been faithfully recreated by limited sources and stories. This is a dark time, when knowledge is unknown and culture crashed as barbarian kingdoms emerged from the ashes.

From the trailer alone, fans can tell that this will be an artistically unique project with a dark story. While the game has a very western feel, it is set in the European nations. Enter into the Dark Ages and explore a strange deserted world after a plague, collapse, and many other world events have shattered humanity.

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Enter into a mix between detective and roleplaying as you experience a classic horror setting. Your job is to hunt down heretics, witches, heathens, demons, and more. Using your merciful fire, you work as an inquisitor during the dark ages purifying the corrupt.

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This is a unique RPG experience inspired by horror board games. While it is a slow-paced game, players will complete several dozen missions in horrifying situations. Prepare to bribe, fight, torture, and investigate to try and achieve your goal.

This game presents a realistic Dark Ages world where players will need to use all their skills to root out evil. Interrogate enemies, develop torture machines, and use your skills from god to punish the wicked.

In the Dark Ages, poverty and misery are everywhere and injustices plague mankind. Using heavenly support, you must hunt the devil inside of the people and punish those who have become corrupt.

You are the authority of the church and with the power of flames you are set to punish the sinful. Do what inquisitors do and burn the wicked in an effort to purify their souls.

This title is designed for mature audiences. Players will have to partake in torture and even burning people alive. Although this is meant to be a game, the acts in this title did happen in the real world. Historical perspective is important to anyone who wants to venture back in time to this controversial period.

That being said, it does consist of stylized people and low levels of gore. While the contents are historical, it does not take things over the top and instead keeps a realistic perspective on the entire situation.

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Mercyful Flames is coming soon to Steam and Nintendo Switch from Asmodev.