Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.7a Just Went Live, Includes Updates To Items And Bug Fixes

Diablo 3 Patch 2.6.7a Just Went Live, Includes Updates To Items And Bug Fixes
Credit: lzuniy via YouTube

Diablo III just received the 2.6.7a. patch, which was rolled out to fix a few bugs and update items.

The update is geared towards every version of the game, and for the PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC versions, unless a note indicates differently.

Gamers can find the official Diablo 3 patch notes by following the link in this tweet:


Lamentation – a legendary mighty belt that can be used by the Barbarian, and requires the gamer to be at level 60 to drop.

Change: Now increases the damage of Rend by [100% – 150%.]

A note from the developer admits that the team overshot on the implementation of Lamentation in the 2.6.7 public test realm. On the other end, they undershot the balance between Rend/Whirlwind’s adjustments by removing the bonus altogether.

There was a lot of feedback from the community, and the developers took notice. After completing their internal testing, the developers have implemented this update, believing that they have struck the best balance.

Shield of Fury – a legendary Crusader’s shield, which requires level 33 to use.

Change: The benefit that the comes with Shield of Fury now stacks up to a maximum of 20 times.

The Shield of Fury ability that the patch is referring to: “Each time an enemy takes damage from your Heaven’s Fury, it increases the damage they take from your Heaven’s Fury by 26%.”

The developers have responded to community feedback that noted the overshooting of the Crusader with the live patch. The note mentions that this cap of 20 stacks should balance things out by reigning in the Crusader’s damage.


There were a few bug fixes that were implemented with the 2.6.7a. patch:

Wizard: Wave of Force (Arcane Attunement)
· Stack of Arcane Attunement will now be removed when entering a Great Rift. This update has been added to the PC version and will be coming to Console versions with another patch later.

Patterns of Justice
· A bug has been fixed that wasn’t allowing the Tempest Rush Flurry rune attack to benefit from the six-piece bonus when Tempest Rush was canceled. This fix is only for PC as the developers were unable to resolve this issue for Console before they released this patch. It will be fixed for Console later.

Fjord Cutter
· Fixed a bug that allowing Fjord Cutter to increase damage to slowed and chilled enemies instead of just the designated Seismic Slam damage.

Won Khim Lau
· When Won Kim Lau was equipped, Epiphany would activate teleporting while channeling Tempest Rush. The development team has now fixed this issue.