Eden Industries’ RPG Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space Launches On PC And Consoles On January 28

Eden Industries’ RPG Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space Launches On PC And Consoles On January 28
Credit: KemcoGames via YouTube

KEMCO has announced the launch date of Eden Industries’ RPG Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space. The game will be released on both PC and consoles in late January.

In the past, both games were released separately as two different experiences. This is the first time the game will be packaged together for modern consoles. Players who previously experienced the separate games will want to check out the new version since their storylines branch into a “true ending.”

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Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space has players uniting the citizens to save the timeline. Citizens of Earth stars a rookie Vice President who notices something unusual happening in his town. The local coffee shop has launched into the sky, and the town’s President is missing. The Vice President and the citizens must work together on an adventure across the globe to save Earth.

Citizens of Space stars the Earth’s new Ambassador. Just as he is about to deliver his big speech at the Galactic Federation Assembly, the Earth disappears from the galaxy. The Ambassador then embarks on an adventure to find out what happened to his home planet. Only with the help of other citizens from around the galaxy will the Ambassador fulfill his duty.

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The game contains a total of 88 citizens, with 44 of them spilt between both Earth and Space. Each has a unique ability that is unlocked once their quest has been completed. Onl after collecting all 88 will the ultimate mystery be solved.

Citizens are unique with a specific ability and talent. Some may be able to alter the encounter rate with enemies, have items delivered to the player in the middle of battle, or even adjust the speed of the game. The full list of abilities is not made readily available, so players will have to work hard to recruit all 88 citizens to learn more about their special powers.

The game spams through two stories simultaneously. Both of the titles are two different games. But now, both titles have united with brand-new elements. The actions made in one game influence the other and unlock a linked story.

The game will support multiple languages that include English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, and Japanese. Full voice acting is supported only in English with the option to disable it.

A physical edition was announced for consoles, but only a digital release will be available for PC.

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Citizens Unite!: Earth x Space is scheduled to launch on January 28 for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam.