Survival Racing Party Game Tinker Racers Headed To Consoles In Q1 2021

Survival Racing Party Game Tinker Racers Headed To Consoles In Q1 2021
Credit: Tinker Racers Official Website

QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Rumbora Party Games, has announced the release window of Tinker Racers on consoles. The game was previously released on PC via Steam in August. Tinker Racers will only be available as a digital download.

Tinker Racers is not about who wins first. The title is a survival party game where players have to survive the longest on the tracks. Unlike a typical racing game, the game has chaotic miniature tracks where the camera stays focused. If the player leaves the sight of the camera, then they will die.

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Players race using mini RC cars that many weren’t allowed to play with inside of their homes. To make the game more exciting, the game offers multiple game modes.

The single race mode is the most traditional option for players. Up to four local players compete in split-screen. The developer warns, “Do not try to set any of these tracks at home. Risk of fire and severe damage to your property.”

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In Free For All Mode, players don’t have to worry about scores. The cars all race and compete, along with some light banter to lighten the mood.

The Co-Op Campaign is the most frantic of all. Players have to defeat angry bots to unlock new tracks. If players do well, they may be allowed to race in other rooms of the house.

Players have to race without damaging their car. The less damage on their car, the higher their overall score.

By playing in multiplayer, players can team up with others to get even higher scores. It can be with parents, siblings, friends, or co-workers to prove they have the best teamwork out there.

Currently, there are placeholder links to the console edition to the game. However clicking them will not load the related sites. The only link that works is a link to the Steam page, where the game is immediately available.

For those wondering about additional content, the Steam store page doesn’t have any additional gameplay or cosmetic packs. The only additional content is for a digital download of the game’s official soundtrack, which is currently $0.99.

On the Steam store page, the developer states that the game is a tribute from two Codemasters MicroMachines fans.

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Tinker Racers will launch on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One in Q1 2021.