GameClub Introduces Competitive Leagues Feature To Some Games

GameClub Introduces Competitive Leagues Feature To Some Games
Credit: GameClub via YouTube

The mobile game subscription service GameClub has announced a new upgrade. Now available with some of the games on its platform is a “Leagues” feature where players can compete with others.

GameClub wanted to offer players a more interactive way to compete against their fellow gamers. Many mobile games on the market do offer competitive leagues, but they’re increasingly difficult to rank in, especially if it’s a very popular game. In some instances, a lower-ranking player may not be accepted to join in a specific group or guild.

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GameClub decided to change that system. Leagues are weekly leaderboards that are based on a player’s current levels. This splits up the leaderboards so that players have a better chance of making the top ranks. There are five total leagues to compete in.

The weekly challenges become more difficult. If a player ranks in the top 10 that week, then the next week, they will enter the next level and compete against tougher odds. However, this also works out in the opposite way. If a player ranks in the bottom 10% of the league, then they will move down to the previous level League.

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Leagues are currently only available within eight games on iOS. The selection includes MiniGore, Flick Fishing Redux, Super Crate Box, Arcade Ball, Any Landing, Neon Shadow, Chippy, and Hook Champ. The selection of games may change in the future.

Joining a League is simple. GameClub states that if players want to join in, they have to click the GameClub icon in the corner, then tap the Leagues icon in the center of the navigation. The ranks update in real-time for those who like to keep track of their scores often.

Each game has different criteria to meet to qualify for League competition. In Super Crate Box, once players collect five crates, they will automatically be included in the Sprout League.

GameClub is a mobile subscription service for games. The service is similar to the Apple Arcade, but instead of new titles, GameClub focuses on harder to find mobile titles that may have previously gone out of circulation.

The service also recently announced they were adding PC titles to the service. Every month, GameClub rotates new titles in and out so that players always have a new-to-them title to enjoy. None of the titles have ads or in-app purchases. Up to 12 family members can login with one subscription, which is especially desirable for those staying at home due to the current situation in the world.

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Leagues are available in GameClub now.