Activision Is Taking Any And All Feedback From Call Of Duty: Mobile Gamers

Activision Is Taking Any And All Feedback From Call Of Duty: Mobile Gamers
Credit: Call of Duty via YouTube

Call of Duty: Mobile gamers have the chance to give their opinion on specific gameplay mechanics. Yesterday, Activision released a community update on Reddit, and it outlined different ideas for mobile gamers to chime in on.

Activision is asking Call of Duty: Mobile gamers to give suggestions on things they can improve in the game moving forward. The developer has listed a few different topics for players to dive into.

For example, gamers can give their opinion on the weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, including the balance between different weapons and the design of the guns. If players find that there is a gun that seems too overpowered compared to another weapon of similar elements, this is a great topic to explore.

Activision also suggests feedback on different progressions in the game. That could be account progression, BP progression, weapon progression, or rank progression. Players are also encouraged to speak about challenges, login rewards, and map designs.

Activision wants gamers to give them any constructive feedback. They are quite clear in the blog post that they want to tackle the issues that matters most to players.

It’s always crucial for game developers to be open and honest with their community. The reason Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most successful mobile games of 2019 is because of the player base. Activision recognizes that, so by having a feedback system, it shows that they are willing to learn about issues and optimize the game accordingly.

Reddit users have been very active in the comment section of the community update, giving their suggestions on what isn’t work well in the game.

DarkMatterMCPL points to the M4 being quite underpowered, and his claim is supported by many users, specifically about the gun’s slow rate of fire and weak damage output.

A lot of Call of Duty: Mobile gamers have mentioned that they would like to see Prestige mode incorporated into the game. It has been a staple of the Call of Duty franchise, and by the comments alone, it seems like a lot of players are missing it.

Once Activision sifts through the extensive amount of feedback given, they’ll hopefully announce what was most requested by the community, and the steps they will take to combat them. To check out the entire list of topics as well as the feedback from gamers, click the link in the embedded tweet!