DC Universe Online Is Giving Away Free Gifts In Celebration Of The Games Anniversary

DC Universe Online Is Giving Away Free Gifts In Celebration Of The Games Anniversary
Credit: Warner Bros.

It has been a memorable year for DC Universe Online in 2019. Dark magic made manifest early in the year with the start of Episode 34: Justice Dark League. Shortly after, players were repelling the invasion of the Dark Multiverse when Episode 35: Metal Part 1. Players are still battling it out and defending Earth in Episode 36: Metal Part 2.

Even more, danger is sure to be coming in 2020. Everything will begin with The Anti-Monitor, who will be returning this January in a new event titled: Anniversary Event: Attack of The Anti-Monitor! New items are making an appearance with new Anti-Monitor inspired styles and base items.

All players have a chance to celebrate the anniversary with one free Character Advance to CR255 available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Nintendo Switch is getting CR100 instead, but that is still a good burst.

This advance will help any players in a new character or on their mains get right into the action. Players that use the character advances will also find numerous start items int heir inventory to help them get going. This will include the new Hera’s Strength 2020 gear suit with the player-requested open helmet. Players that want the gear suit on multiple characters you can pick it up through Style Unlocking after you have it equipped.

To claim the free Character Advance, all players will have to do is log in between now and January 31, 2020. Once you have logged in, you can save the advance or use it right away. The boost is limited to only one per account. You can always purchase additional Character Advances at Character Creation or Character Select.

There are also gifts for Members. Starting today, players can claim their Member Appreciation Gift Box. Inside is a Member Gift Artifact Cache, Artifact Catalysts, XP, and Seals. There is also a full set of all-new Royal Chroma Materials.

These materials will let you swap out the texture of any gear style with a new one. Royal Chroma Materials come in seven colors. You can get all of them, allowing for a rainbow of gear opportunities. Like all Chromas, each color comes in a set of three variants allowing for a full customization opportunity.

Make sure to log in before January 31, 2020, to claim all of your free Member Appreciation Gifts. Players can always upgrade to membership and claim the same Member Appreciate Gift.

On a smaller note, Open Episodes are back. All players can play through Episode 35 from now through February 7. This will exclude Metal Part 2.