Call Of Duty: Mobile Will Be Getting The Old School Map ‘Scrapyard’ In Season 3

Call Of Duty: Mobile Will Be Getting The Old School Map ‘Scrapyard’ In Season 3
Credit: Activision

Veteran Call of Duty gamers are going to be excited about this one! Scrapyard, a map from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, will be recreated and launched in Call of Duty: Mobile soon! The addition of this map was announced in the recent community update posted by Activision on the Call of Duty: Mobile Reddit channel.

To check out the entire community update, click the link in the embedded tweet below!

Scrapyard is described as a three-lane map, that has players battling it out in an aircraft boneyard. As gamers navigate the mid-sized map, they will notice airplane scraps scattered throughout, allowing players to take cover.

If gamers are unfamiliar with Scrapyard, and they want to check out some in-game footage of it in Modern Warfare 2, watch this video:

Scrapyard will be the first new multiplayer map released for Season 3. The date for the Season 3 update hasn’t been officially released yet, but Activision has confirmed that it will be in the middle of January. Gamers can probably assume that the update will drop within the next week or a week and a half.

With Season 3 will come a new limited-time game mode for players to sink their teeth into. It’s called Rapid Fire, which is a very appropriate name. In this mode, gamers will have unlimited ammo, and grenades, as well as quicker operator skill cooldowns, and rapidly recharging scorestreaks.

Rapid Fire will be available to play right at the launch of Season 3! It is a limited-time game mode, however, so it will probably only be around for a few weeks.

The community update also reminded players about the end date for in-game modes and features. Prop Hunt Mode will be available until January 15th, as well as the BR Sniper Challenge Mode. The MQ-27 Dragonfire scorestreak will be taken out of the game after January 12th. There is also the limited-time mode Stick and Stones, as well as the challenge, that will be around for players to enjoy until January 15th.

The community update covers a bunch of other things, including Android controller issues, friends list problems, and more. Activision has also opened the floodgates for feedback on anything game related. Right now, gamers can go onto Reddit and comment with feedback on things like game mechanics, weapon balances, and the different progression systems.

This should be a big month for Call of Duty: Mobile with the release of Season 3!