Microsoft Has Stated That Sony’s Arguments Against The Exclusive Release Of Call Of Duty Are Not Convincing

Microsoft Has Stated That Sony’s Arguments Against The Exclusive Release Of Call Of Duty Are Not Convincing
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Call of Duty has proven to be a stumbling block in the negotiations between Microsoft and Activision. Sony and Microsoft have been trying to agree on an extended arrangement despite growing concerns around exclusivity. However, this came to an end during the stage of approval that was conducted by the Competition and Markets Authority in the United Kingdom, the first of which was unsuccessful and the second of which is now ongoing. Furthermore, Microsoft has addressed the issues at this time.

Microsoft stated to that it is “not plausible” that the third largest provider could foreclose on the market leader, who has demonstrable and persistent market power, because of the loss of access to a single title. Even while Sony might not be thrilled about the prospect of increasing competition, the company can change and adapt to remain competitive.

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Although Microsoft would not disclose any precise data, the company did assert that even if every Call of Duty player transferred from PlayStation to Xbox, the PlayStation gamer base would still be much greater than the Xbox gamer base. It also stated that gamers would be better off in the long run due to the greater competition and selection.

And while making the announcement, Microsoft also reiterated that it intends to maintain Call of Duty on PlayStation anyway in order to avoid alienating the fanbase in a move that could “tarnish both the call of Duty and Xbox brands.” This was done while Microsoft was making the statement.

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It asserts that the primary goal of the transaction is to strengthen Game Pass by adding Activision Blizzard titles to the offering of that service. However, even that has been called into question, with the CMA worried that the agreement would give an unfair advantage to Xbox’s subscription service over PlayStation’s. However, Microsoft counters that this is not the case, given that Game Pass is not accessible on PlayStation.