One Of Best Ryze Runes, Masteries, Early And Core Items For Current League Of Legend Season Ten

One Of Best Ryze Runes, Masteries, Early And Core Items For Current League Of Legend Season Ten
Credit: leagueoflegends

As with all League champions, Ryze’s build is going to change to compliment the situation he may find himself in during a game. But there are core items that are always necessary when playing Ryze to utilize the champion’s kit to its full potential.



Phase Rush: Later in the game, once Ryze has built adequate mana and health, he will often be chaining abilities together to secure kills. Phase Rush makes this easier due to its movement increase buff after three or more attacks in four seconds. The item will also reduce the duration of slowing effects on Ryze by 75 percent.

Manaflow Band: Ryze becomes more powerful the more mana he has. With this being the case, Manaflow Band will grant Ryze 25 bonus mana up to 250 total bonus mana whenever he successfully hits an enemy with one of his abilities.

Transcendence: Once Ryze gets further into the match, he is going to want to chain together abilities more often, and one factor that is going to dictate his ability to do so is his cooldown times.

Gathering Storm: This rune slowly increases Ryze’s damage by granting the champion additional ability power every 10 minutes of game time.


Taste of Blood: Ryze is going to spend a lot of time in lane farming minions since he has a weak early game and needs to acquire items before he becomes powerful. While he is in lane, any option to heal off damage is a good one. Domination will grant Ryze healing when he deals damage to enemy champions.

Ravenous Hunter: Another rune to facilitate healing, Ravenous Hunter grants Ryze healing for 1.5 percent of the damage he deals through abilities.

Bonuses: adaptive force +9, adaptive force +9, magic resist +8

Starting items

Sapphire Crystal

Ryze needs mana to deal damage. This being the case, starting with a Sapphire Crystal will allow Ryze to build into the Tear of the Goddess that will eventually become Archangel’s Staff as quickly as possible.

Refillable Potion

Farming early in the game is going to be very important. To make this safer for Ryze, a Refillable Potion will grant Ryze 125 bonus health over 12 seconds.

Core items

Rod of Ages

The perfect item to compliment Ryze’s kit, Rod of Ages offers a variety of different effects that are going to make Ryze extremely powerful. The item boasts stat increases of 60 ability power, 300 health, and 300 mana. Further, Rod of Ages has a passive ability that will grant Ryze bonus health, ability power, and mana every minute of the game.

Archangel’s Staff

Another item that is built to suit Ryze, Archangel’s Staff is going to grant Ryze 50 ability power, 10-percent cooldown reduction, and 650 mana. The item’s multiple passive effects are going to reduce his cooldown’s further as well as granting him bonus ability power relevant to his overall mana.

Sorcerer’s Shoes

Since Ryze is heavily ability-based, choosing Sorcerer’s Shoes as his boots of choice are going to be extremely important.