Kitari Fables Is A New Game From Twin Hearts And PQube Headed For a Nintendo Switch, PC, and Console Release

Kitari Fables Is A New Game From Twin Hearts And PQube Headed For a Nintendo Switch, PC, and Console Release
Credit: Twin Hearts

Explore a unique and new IP created by Twin Hearts and PQube Games. Kitaria Fables is an adorable action-adventure that mixes RPG mechanics with farming elements to create a unique blend of action and relaxation.

In this title, players must venture into the world of Canoidera to stop the darkness that threatens its peaceful inhabitants. While the game does feature farming and home-building mechanics, fans will still have to get their hands dirty as they confront the darkness directly in RPG based encounters.

Enter into a beautiful blend of Action RPG gameplay mixed with farming simulation. As you take on quests and aid your animal neighbors you must face the oncoming tide of darkness. Use real-time combat situations to your advantage as you explore, dungeon delves, and farm to craft the perfect fighter.

The world of Canoidera is a peaceful land where everyone lives in harmony. When the wildlife around Paw Village begins to act aggressively the Empire calls to you to investigate. Make your way to your Uncle’s home and defend the village from evil.

You Uncle’s home creates a home base for you to operate your peaceful mission from. Explore the massive world, collect resources, loot enemies, and prepare for every aspect of this unexpected journey.

This game allows players to wield melee weapons, fire bows, and create new spells at their own discretion. Rather than committing to a class players can kit their loadout in any way they prefer. Mix and match fighting styles as you slowly tune your character to your preferred combat style.

This game is full of resources that clever players can use to their advantage. Slay monsters for special materials or plant crops based on the seed you found in the land. The more you learn to manage materials, the better your weapons, armor, and accessories will be.

The village is full of friendly citizens but there are a few who still harbor some negativity. Get to know your neighbors, complete their quests, and slowly gain friends in this small town. The more friends, the better rewards as your relationship slowly grows.

Overall this is a cute RPG title that plans to release rather soon. Rendered in a beautiful cartoonish style this game will bring back childhood memories of early RPg title while helping form new memories of a job well done.

The game is planning to launch for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC but so far has no official release date. For more information simply visit the developer’s website.