Mafia: Definitive Edition Delayed Until September 25 Due To ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’

Mafia: Definitive Edition Delayed Until September 25 Due To ‘Covid-19 Pandemic’
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Mafia: Definitive Edition has already undergone a barrage of scrutiny, and it hasn’t even been released. Yet some may think that the scrutiny is well-deserved: Hanger 13 put out abysmal takes for Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 under the guise of ‘definitive edition’ and they would often fail to run, or crawl to a stop, while new bugs and textures simply failed to load properly.

Hangar 13 has put out some high-quality screenshots of what is stated as cutscenes, and not actual gameplay, which has roused a few more suspicions of players finally stepping back into the shoes of Tommy Angelo. Many have been wondering if Hangar 13 could possibly pull off what is rapidly growing hype in online forums.

So color very few people surprised as Hangar 13 has announced that Mafia: Definitive Edition has been delayed by one month as the studio points to problems surrounding COVID-19 pandemic interfering with development, and that they don’t want to ‘compromise the quality of the experience’.

Granted, Mafia: Definitive Edition could very well turn into a flowering moment for the studio that has released a few bug-ridden titles such as Mafia 2‘s notorious final mission bugging out on consoles.

Mafia 3 looked and performed far better, yet players couldn’t shake the feeling that they were running in endless circles with only the scenery changing: a shame, as the acting was impeccable.

With the two remasters for the latter two titles of the franchise falling flat, there are sizeable expectations for this edition of Mafia that Hangar 13 has made clear that they’re putting a bit more work into.

If this one falls flat on its face as well, it could spell disaster for the studio regarding their trust, while putting the beloved Mafia franchise into that strange in-between owner’s hell that is reserved for studios that go belly-up despite holding cherished franchises.

Alternatively, it will be a poor experience, and Hangar 13 simply moves forward.

Yet if Mafia: Definitive Edition is a resounding success, it would be a massive boon to a studio that has been criticized in the past by users. It would bolster the faith the gamers are willing to put into the studio, which could mean more Mafia stylings in the future (with better gameplay loops than 3 had).

All in all, this announcement is a relatively mixed bag. Tommy Angelo’s story brought about what became the franchise for good reason; using Tommy guns and dressing to the nines was a wonderful experience that players are continuing to clamor for. All that remains to be seen is whether the studio can live up to expectations.