Mafia Remasters Are Struggling To Run On All Platforms, Delivering A Disappointing Experience Again

Mafia Remasters Are Struggling To Run On All Platforms, Delivering A Disappointing Experience Again
Credit: IGN via YouTube

Mafia is getting a remake and everyone is finding themselves rather exciting to step back in the shoes of old Tommy Angelo has he wrestles law-abiding citizens into a ring of organized crime while, bizarrely, the audience cheers him on.

This might be due to the fact that Tommy Angelo is a wildly sharp dressed, or has just the right sneer on his face while cat-calling, but whatever the reasoning behind it, he’s shown as the anti-hero of the first Mafia.

While fans eagerly await to explore once again the beautiful world of 1930s Americana, Hangar 13 put out two quick Definitive Editions for Mafia 2 and 3 that the community has found to be, unfortunately, wildly scuffed.

On PC, frankly, mods offer a far better and cleaner experience than what Hangar 13 offered in the Definitive Editions; heads float around without bodies, weapons appear in the chests of NPCs, and radars completely fail to function more often than not.

On console, at least as far as Xbox One is concerned, it becomes worse.

There isn’t a readily-available mod library for console users to upgrade their Mafia 2 experience, so they’re stuck with the definitive edition which reportedly drops frame rates later into the story, turning the entirety of the game into a slideshow which would be funny if it wasn’t directly interfering with users’ ability to play the game.

Some users are drawing direct comparisons to how Mafia 2 released originally, where the final mission was bugged and players couldn’t play further once they reached it; it took months for Hangar 13 to patch it out on Xbox 360, making the game completable well after it was originally published.

It’s difficult to stay optimistic about Mafia: Definitive Edition in spite of how great it looks based solely on the pedigree and empirical data of Hangar 13; offering what could be fantastic experiences that are mired by what appears to the layman as poor troubleshooting and a general lack of a quality assurance team.

Pointing to issues of all three titles in terms of performance and bugs, and that the latter two iterations are struggling to run on many PCs and consoles after the Definitive Edition update, and not even the love of cannolis and slick-dressed men with greased hair could inspire confidence in the upcoming Mafia: Definitive Edition with its beautiful screen captures that we’ve seen.

That being said, there’s a distinct possibility of Hangar 13 figuring everything out. It’s strongly recommended in the meantime that you do not update any versions of Mafia 2 & 3 until a later date. The rumor that the definitive updates that have broken large amounts of game play are due to the titles being updated to Mafia 3‘s engine, which the upcoming Mafaia: Definitive Edition remaster operates on, doesn’t bode well.