Minecraft Mobs Explored: Blaze, A Fiery Mob That Throws Non-Explosive Fireballs At Any Player Nearby!

Minecraft Mobs Explored: Blaze, A Fiery Mob That Throws Non-Explosive Fireballs At Any Player Nearby!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft is an incredibly popular game, partly thanks to the current quarantine and pandemic that the world is experiencing. This pandemic has kept people inside and changed many workers into remote workers; many of these new remote workers are finding the joys of playing in Minecraft during lunch breaks and after work.

This increase in popularity has led to a rise in monthly active players. Minecraft currently has close to 132 million active monthly users.

Minecraft mobs have three different options when dealing with the player, and there are passive mobs that don’t attack the player under any circumstance. There are neutral mobs that won’t attack the player until provoked, and finally, there are hostile mobs that attack the player on sight.

A hostile mob that every player that has beaten Minecraft should know about is the Blaze; this mob is required to beat Minecraft ( unless the player is VERY lucky ). This mob can be found in the Nether, Specifically only in the Nether Fortresses, which house the spawner for these strange creatures.

This mob flies and never lands due to the lack of feet although they can sink closer to the ground when not attacking,

An interesting fact is that while they are impervious to lava, they take damage to water, but if they are submerged in either lava or water, they will not attempt to escape the pool.

The Blaze’s pathfinding doesn’t avoid fire or lava ( as they take no damage from these ), but their pathfinding will avoid water.

Blaze’s will attack a player if they are within 48 blocks, and when attacking, the Blaze will fly above the target while getting closer to it. The Blaze’s normal attack is a volley of fireballs that can light the ground on not only fire but also the player!

The fireball does two and a half hearts of damage, and if the player doesn’t have fire resistance, they’ll take up to two more hearts of damage due to the burning.

An easy way to fight the Blaze is to have snowballs handy, these normally useless items due to a total of one and a half hearts of damage per hit. Another way to do damage to the Blaze without getting out your sword is to have splash water bottles, but the blazes only take half a heart of damage from these. Since Blaze’s have a total of ten hearts, the water bottle way might take a while.