Slash Quest Is A Happy Sword Swinging Title Headed For Apple Arcade In The Fall

Slash Quest Is A Happy Sword Swinging Title Headed For Apple Arcade In The Fall
Credit: Big Green Pillow

Get ready for some big sword action as Slash Quest announces its plan for a fall release. This title from Big Green Pillow and Noodle Cake Studios will be headed to iOO, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS this fall as an Apple Arcade exclusive title.

Journey the world as you follow the tale of an ever-growing sentient sword. As it quests for its beloved queen it brings a shepherd on board to help it save the entire Queendom. Become an unlikely knight with a big heart as you swing, swing, swing, and swing your massive sword.

In this unique title, players do not wield their sword but rather get wielded by the sword. Although you have absolutely zero skill the sword will do most of the work as it just continues to get bigger with every swing.

Swordie will charge headfirst into adventure determined to slice, dice, chop, and carve anything in its way. As a sentient sword it does not need to eat and sleep so this is a non-stop adventure of sword-swinging action.

Travel in an epic land of adventure as you use your sword as the only tool of the game. Chop enemies, solve puzzles, unlock doors, cross rivers, and much more using nothing but the sword. This game presents tons of fun and innovative puzzles that will drive players to find unique solutions to many problems.

The sword can be upgraded with 12 skills, each of which will enhance the pairs traits and help them even further on their adventure. Meet charming character, fight massive monsters, and customize your hero to your own preference.

There are tons of mini-games included in this title that are sure to bring some extra fun to fans. Compete against the Leaderboard as you master several challenges of sword expertise.

The entire game is rendered in a clunky and colorful fashion giving the game a cartoonish look. mix that with a unique soundtrack by Breakmaster Cylinder you will find that the game is more charming on the inside then it is on the outside.

This title will be great for fans of all ages as it is a simple puzzle with so many amazing features.

Slash Quest will launch on Apple Arcade in the full. The game does come with full controller support for those who wise to have a less mobile and more casual game experience in this very unique mobile title.