A Street Cat’s Tale Puts You In The Place Of A Stray Kitten, A Light-hearted Survival Game In A Bustling City

A Street Cat’s Tale Puts You In The Place Of A Stray Kitten, A Light-hearted Survival Game In A Bustling City
Credit: CFK News via Youtube

Indie games often capture the imagination of the creator and the love of game design. A Street Cat’s Tale is an adorable story of a stray cat who has lost its mother. It travels along with a city block meeting people, finding food, and surviving the difficulties of the city. You play the entire game from the cat’s point of view, and to win, you must survive 13 days to reach maturity.

This game is simple, designed in a pixel style, and has a cute music track to support it. Each of the NPCs in the game has a chance to change the ending of the story and try to change this small kitty’s life. With 11 endings, this game has tons of replayability.

If you have ever wanted to experience life as a stray cat, this acts as a great simulation of that life. It has an uplifting narrative about hope, survival, and faith. As you learn to survive the mean city streets, you quickly learn whether to trust, or hide, from the people of the city.

The NPCs each come with a unique personality that will define your feline relationship with them. Some people will be nice to you and even offer you food while others will respond angrily when you try and talk to them. Some will tell you stories; others ignore you completely. You never know what will happen when the small cat approaches a completely random person.

This game is already receiving positive reviews on Steam. Fans love the cute and emotional pull of the game with tons of deep feelings coming out. One fan wrote that “I would play this again if it didn’t destroy my feelings.”

This is a rare chance to see a unique perspective on life. Rather than progressing some epic story, it is nice to sometimes settle down and look at the finer things in life. In this case, the love of a small kitten abandoned on the side of the road.

This game is a great addition if you love indie games or simply want an unorthodox challenge. There is no telling what kinda challenge will happen when you are living the life of a small cat in a very big world.

A Street Cat’s Tale will be launching for the Nintendo Switch on March 12. It will be available for English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. For other alternatives, you can find this game on iOs, Android, and Steam.