Watch Dogs: Legion Has A New Trailer That Explains Recruiting In Greater Detail

Watch Dogs: Legion Has A New Trailer That Explains Recruiting In Greater Detail
Credit: GameSpot via YouTube

On every gamer’s watch list it seems for 2020 is Watch Dogs: Legion from Ubisoft Toronto. The Watch Dogs series has always had its fare share of loyal followers, but this upcoming installment looks to be changing the franchise in more ways than one.

One aspect in particular that has received a ton of spotlight — and rightfully so — is your ability to recruit members of society to your team. We’ve seen bits and pieces about this aspect over the last several months. The ability to recruit literally any character in the game sounds almost too good to be true.

If you’ve wondered exactly how this aspect will work, you’re in luck. A new trailer was just put out that covers this exact topic. You thus don’t have to remain in suspense until Watch Dogs: Legion officially releases on October 29.

The trailer starts off showing the current state of London. It seems to be crumbling as every day passes and that has allowed criminal organizations to step in and try their hand at gaining control. You’ll lead a resistance to restore order and in order to do so, you’ll have to recruit some companions to act as playable characters.

It shows a little bit of the variety that will be available at launch, including construction workers, grandparents, annoying tourists, and soccer fanatics. There isn’t a limit on who you can recruit, although you’ll probably want to be strategic depending on the particular skills you want to gain access to.

To look at a prospective candidate, all players have to do is get near and then pull up a list of special attributes. It shows exactly what that NPC is capable of. Seeing this data helps you make more informed decisions as opposed to just hacking NPCs at random. That would probably be a recipe for disaster, although would be funny to see play out.

The recruitable NPCs featured in the trailer have quite the variety. That gives players endless ways to approach combat, missions, and precarious situations. It’s quite amazing to see how much diversity the developer put into this game.

It must have taken them so long to figure out all of these moving parts. They deserve all the praise in the world for giving Legion such a unique design that more games will probably try to replicate from here on out. October is almost upon us and that means the never-ending recruiting can almost commence.