Sony Postpones The Unveiling Of October 2020 Free PlayStation 4 Games For Plus Subscribers, As Fans Will Have To Wait Again!

Sony Postpones The Unveiling Of October 2020 Free PlayStation 4 Games For Plus Subscribers, As Fans Will Have To Wait Again!
Credit: Sony

PlayStation Plus subscribers will officially have to wait a little more for Sony to unveil the October 2020 free PS4 games. This means Subscribers of the PlayStation Plus package, who are usually entitled to two free PS4 games each month, may just have to wait a little more.

To crown it all, the next batch of free PS4 games won’t be shown until the very end of September. But in a case where Sony doesn’t make the announcement early, the October 2020 free PS Plus will be unveiled at 4:30 pm on September 30.

Again, subscribers will have to wait until October 6 to first look at the games to be downloaded.  That’s to much to take, or is it? However, the advantage of this new development would be that subscribers will have enough time to download September’s excellent PS Plus line-up.

The September 2020 free PlayStation Plus games will include Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds—aka PUBG and Street Fighter 5.

According to the official description of Street Fighter 5:

“Experience the intensity of the head-to-head battle with Street Fighter 5. Players get to choose from 16 iconic characters, each with their own story and distinct training challenges, then battle against friends online or offline with a vast array of match options.

It goes on to say, “Earn Fight Money in Ranked Matches, play for fun in Casual Matches or invite friends into a Battle Lounge and see who tops the chat!” Also, PC and PlayStation 4 players would get the chance to play against each other courtesy if cross-play compatibility!

This particular version of Street Fighter 5 shows the ‘Champion Edition’ title screen and entails an online-based Extra Battle Mode and Team Battle Mode when players get to earn points, Fight Money, and XP! Players will be able to use Fight Money to purchase stages, new characters, and more!

On the other hand, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds played a role in popularizing the battle royale genre, where 100 players competed with their characters to be the last standing. The goal is to land, loot, and outwit your opponents to become the latest player in an exhilarating game experience full of flash surprises, adrenaline-type instances, and more!’

Those curious about what’s in store for PlayStation Plus for next-gen, well, worry no more because Sony has unveiled its subscription plans for the PlayStation 5. In essence, PlayStation 5 creates a new PS Plus plan called PS Plus Collection.

The games in the PS Plus Collection has some of the best PS4 games like Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted 4, God of War, The Last of Us, and Bloodborne. Many more, including Detroit Became Human, Resident Evil 7, Until Dawn, Days Gone, and lots more.

Get to enjoy a genre of rewarding PS4 games, according to Sony’s description. ‘Access the games on next-gen.’ For now, just download and play! Until then, Happy Gaming!