The Quantum Prisoner Is Planning An English Release For Free on October 5th

The Quantum Prisoner Is Planning An English Release For Free on October 5th
Credit: The Quantum Prisoner

The Quantum Prisoner is a free browser-based puzzle adventure that launched in France. The game comes from the CEA, a public scientific research organization in France, which has just announced its plans to release an English version of its puzzle experience.

The game is designed to be accessible and fun for fans of all ages. Players can access the game completely free online or download it via the Android App or the game’s website. There is a total of 10-12 hours of gameplay available for fans to enjoy and learn from.

In the game, players play as Zoe who must travel across the globe following the trail of Artus Cropp. This famous physician has mysteriously disappeared in the 1960s, and players must uncover the strange discovery that lead to his disappearance.

His discovery may have changed the world but players must investigate without knowing exactly what it is. Solve your investigation by completing more than 30 puzzles that involve varying real-life technology.

The puzzles are designed to teach players multiple branches of science including life sciences, physics, chemistry, and quantum physics. These complicated ideas are all explained in relatively simple ways by players using the varying in-game tools.

The goal of this title was to prove that science could be fun. Players do not need to have science degrees to do science. Instead, they must simply follow a scientific thinking process to solve these rather simple puzzle situations.

As a browser-based game accessibility is a priority of the development team. The game can be played completely free with no registration, ads, or anything.  Just boot up and enjoy, as long as you speak french.

It is good to note that this title does take inspiration from point and click adventure games. As it takes players across the world they will walk a thin line between science and science fiction along with a minor dose of humor that all ages will understand.

With an English release, this game will no doubt find a wider range of audiences. Depending on the lessons it teaches it could even be used in an educational setting bringing games to a learning environment and reminding teachers that learning can be a fun experience.

The Quantum Prisoner is currently available for free for French-speaking players. English speakers will need to wait until October 5th when the English version is released for free to the global audience. Get ready to free the prisoner who got lost in his own scientific world.