Indie Developer OZYSOFT’s Pulang: Insanity Is Now Live On Steam!

Indie Developer OZYSOFT’s Pulang: Insanity Is Now Live On Steam!
Credit: Pulang Insanity Official via YouTube

Are you sure what you see is real?

The independent gaming scene is alive and well, and it’s here to be horrifying. Indie developer OZYSOFT has released their psychological horror title, Pulang: Insanity, onto Steam.

Set in the mythical culture of Indonesia, Pulang: Insanity tells the story of a man named Rudy, who performed the Pesugihan ritual to escape poverty. If you’re unfamiliar with Indonesian mythos, the Pesugihan ritual is a magic sacrificial ritual that allows the performer to become rich instantaneously in exchange for performing a ritual or offering a sacrifice. As is the case with many rituals that require human souls, there’s a good amount of room for things to go poorly.

We’ve placed the launch trailer below. Be aware that Pulang: Insanity is definitely not for children or the faint of heart due to large amounts of gore, violence, and horrific themes, and the trailer is just the same.

Much of the game, as you may assume, is based around the flowing of reality and being incapable of telling what is or isn’t real as Rudy begins to spiral into insanity.  This leads to a highly disturbing and unnerving experience with heavy doubts on every action taken.

The trailer gives off a strong Silent Hills vibe, even delving into the P.T. territories at some points. With insanity and mental instability such a prominent theme, it’s hard not to give off a Silent Hills vibe.

Much of the gameplay seems based around similar mechanics as well, with the player guiding Rudy through a variety of puzzles with a bit of combat sprinkled in. Most of the tension seems to arise from the psychological horror elements and the natural discomfort that gore and disturbing imagery brings.

“Our main goal is not to develop a horror game filled with jumpscares and overly loud audios,” the developers write on the Steam page. “We aim for a horror game with a hideous atmosphere, to make a dreadful ambiance even when there is no enemy.”

The game features a unique storyline through its inspirations, built in an Indonesian setting. There’s a great amount of lore that’s true to the world, which you might even be able to call educational if they weren’t so horrific. Most of all, you won’t find any safe places to hide, as the devils are inside you the whole time.

All in all, it seems like a truly horrific experience that brings another culture to the typical American horror. It’s live on Steam, so if you’ve got the heart for it, go ahead and dive in.