The Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Page Is Now Live On The Steam Platform

The Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition Page Is Now Live On The Steam Platform
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

In a move that has depressed many for unknown reasons, Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC gamers this summer, and many are chomping at the bit for an opportunity to explore a futuristic world as Aloy.  The developers over at Guerrilla Games have finished creating the games page on the Steam platform, and the page is now live; note that the game itself isn’t live and playable.  Yet the page does shine a light on some things that we can expect to experience with Horizon Zero Dawn when it finally arrives in a couple of months.

As the title implies, the complete edition will include all previous DLCs that have been offered on PlayStation during its time as an exclusive.

This means that the Frozen Wilds expansion, along with an assortment of weapons and outfits will be available upon launch.  The Steam page doesn’t go into details about the expected price point of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition, nor does it further define the release date beyond ‘Summer 2020’.

The screenshots on Steam imply that the title will have ultrawide support, and has already been confirmed to also have Steam achievements.  It’s important to note that it’s possible that they’ve used ultrawide for screenshots, yet it won’t appear in the final version.

Many are wondering what level of options the title will have, as is always the case when a console title is finally ported over to PC.  Some console titles have very little options, meaning players are stuck with default keybindings (not ideal, obviously), or the title will be lacking various options that are typically seen that allow PC gamers to customize the graphical fidelity to take advantage of the greater power that many PCs offer in comparison to consoles.

With the relatively sparse offerings readily seen on the current Steam page, along with poor ports coming in the past from various developers, many are curious as to how this port will ultimately end up.

Guerrilla Games has been exclusively a PlayStation developer since it’s beginning, and HZD is the first title that they’re bringing to the PC crowd which is notoriously picky in regards to what they expect their games to have; 60+ frames per second and a wide variety of supported resolutions.  Granted, it doesn’t seem too demanding from that list, yet developers in the past have notoriously tried and failed to match those expectations.

Even massive studios such as Capcom are struggling valiantly in recent months to bring a playable title to Steam with Monster Hunter: World, after a long and storied history of titles ranging from arcade machines to almost every console receiving a Capcom release.  Yet Guerrilla Games lack of experience doesn’t necessarily equate automatically a poor port; merely that one ought to be cautious in regards to curtailing expectations for what the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition may ultimately include.