Minecraft Mobs Explored: The Ravager, A New Dangerous Mount For The Illagers!

Minecraft Mobs Explored: The Ravager, A New Dangerous Mount For The Illagers!
Credit: Mojang Studios

Minecraft mobs have three different modes; these modes range from Passive, Neutral to Hostile. These modes all relate to how these mobs will interact with the player, with Neutral mobs not attacking the player while the Passive mobs either helping the player or not seeking out the player to attack them.

The last type of mob is the most problematic for the character; this last type of mob is the Hostile mobs. Hostile mobs actively attack the player and cause the player harm.

The Ravager is a rideable mount that the illagers ride into battle with during a villager raid. The Ravagers start spawning at wave 3 of the raid while the original Ravagers that do spawn are unridden. At wave five, ravagers that are being ridden by a pillager start to spawns.

At Wave Seven, Ravagers that can be ridden by either vindicator or an evoker can spawn while in the Bedrock edition only has a Ravager spawning with an evoker can be spawned at Wave Seven.

Ravagers are always hostile towards the player, iron golems, adult villagers, and (In the Java Edition) Wandering Traders.

To attack the player, the Ravager attacks by ramming its horned head against it’s intended target; this attack on easy does seven health points ( or three and a half hearts ). On Normal, this attack does twelve health points or six hearts while on the Hard difficulty, this simple attack can do up to nine hearts in total.

This attack can do more than just damage; it can destroy various blocks ranging from Bamboo to Carved Pumpkins.

One downside to the Ravager is that while they do come equipped with a saddle, there are unable to be ridden by the player at all. Instead, when they are killed, they drop a saddle allowing a player to mount a horse or a Pig and control them with ease.

Another downside to the Ravager is a large amount of health that this huge beast has; the Ravager (Unridden) has a total of one hundred health points or fifty total hearts in total. This makes any fight against them excessively drawn out for the player.

The design of the Ravager is quite a bit different from any other mob in Minecraft, while the face of the Ravager is similar to the villager with the classic Unibrow.