Minecraft Mobs Explored: Vex, A Evil Fairy Spawned And Controlled By The Evil Evoker

Minecraft Mobs Explored: Vex, A Evil Fairy Spawned And Controlled By The Evil Evoker
Credit: Mojang Studios

The Vex are incredibly hostile mobs that are summoned by the evil mob, which is known as the Evoker. The Evoker doesn’t spawn a single Vex; instead, the Vex is summoned in small groups, which all begin to attack the player relentlessly.

The Evoker will summon exactly three vexes, which is signaled by producing off-white smoke and a high-pitched horn-like sound.

One amazingly exciting thing about the Vex is that they can easily pass through any block, which includes lava and water without taking any damage.

When in attack mode, the Vex glows red and raises its hand to raise its sword. On the easy difficulty, the Vex does a total of two and a half hearts, while the normal difficulty, the Vex have a total of four and a half hearts of damage. On the hardest difficulty, The Vex do a total of six and a half hearts.

The Vex that is summoned by an evoker starts taking damage after thirty to one-hundred and nineteen seconds then begin to die. This is due to them being spawned by an Evoker, but if the Vex are summoned by either a spawner, spawn egg or even the /summon command.

The Vex attack not only players but also villager, adult villagers, Iron golems, Wandering traders, and even Snow Golems, this shows that no matter the mob that is near the Vex, they will attack this mob. The Vexes will still attack these mobs if they happen to lose the sword that they are spawned holding.

When not actively searching and attacking the player, Vexes have been known to wander within a 15 x 11 x 15 cuboid ranger, which is centered on the Evoker’s position. When just idling around the Vexes wings flap to keep them flying and staying in the air.

The Vex has a total of fourteen health points and has a total of seven hearts, which means that the player will need to have an enchanted iron sword or even a diamond sword.

Vexes have been in the Java Edition since the 1.11. In contrast, the Bedrock Edition of the Minecraft has 1.10.0; this means that these little creatures can not only chase the player for a semi-long distance but also go through blocks to attack the player that may be trying to recover some health after an extreme fight.