The Long Gate Is A Quantum-Mechanics Puzzle Experience Planning To Launch On Steam September 22nd

The Long Gate Is A Quantum-Mechanics Puzzle Experience Planning To Launch On Steam September 22nd
Credit: Steam XO

Travel to a futuristic puzzle title in The Long Gate as it heads for a full Steam release on September 22. The game is selling for $19.99 and will task players with solving mind-bending puzzles in a mysterious cavern. Explore ancient machines and learn secrets that will shake the entire world of this futuristic land.

This game takes a non-linear approach to problem-solving allowing players to take on puzzles in any order. Tackle three styles or puzzles as you experiment with digital, analog, and quantum problems. These ancient caverns are riddled with problems and ancient technology waiting for the most skilled player to solve the puzzle and unlock the mystery of the past.

Enter a mysterious and beautiful cave full of challenging puzzles. Players will have to learn how to operate ancient machines for a chance to solve each problem and unlock the truth behind this strange world and never-ending series of puzzles.

This relaxing world is meant to be explored at your own pace. As you learn about each of the standard puzzle secrets you will find more about this strange island the people who live there. New information can be is derived from a different group all decided eventual end to this unique puzzle adventure.

The puzzles are almost all self-reliant. This allows players to skip the timer and instead focus on the challenges that mean the most to them. By choosing family players, fans can get the reassurance that they need while still contributing to the title at large.

The puzzles in this title are all based on real-world technology. Each one can include content depictions of hurt in a very 60s fashion. This strange world is based on technology from far away while still drawing players back to a foundational puzzle-solving experience.

Learn engineering principles and find the backbone of this magnificent experience. Enter the depictions of a quantum circuits 4-bit computer.

This system has been verified by scientists as authentic functioning as one of the first quantum computers in gaming history. Enjoy the historical background to this amazing tale.

Interested fans can find more information on Steam. This indie puzzle does not have a ton revealed about it, but the screenshots can go a long way explaining the adventure to come.

The Long Game will be released on Sept 22, 2020. Prepare for a long journey in a strange world of stylized puzzle madness. This title will challenge you to challenge their puzzles and come out victorious in strange adventuring segments.