Angela Game’s Iron Conflict Now Available In Steam Early Access

Angela Game’s Iron Conflict Now Available In Steam Early Access
Credit: Iron Conflict via Steam

Angela Game and Imperium Interactive have released Iron Conflict into Steam Early Access. The game will stay in Early Access for at least one year before the full launch.

Iron Conflict is a real-time military strategy game. Players command unique unit formations in 10 versus 10 multiplayer battles. The game was created with competitive play in mind, and there is no single-player mode at this time. Players will take part in realistic battles that are powered by Unreal Engine 4.

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The game features a wide range of realistic military vehicles from the end of World War 2 to the modern-day. Players can expect to drive around in a Type 99A2 tank or soar through the skies in the F-35 Flighting 2.

Each vehicle has unique controls and playstyles. This will also help players decide on how they want to play the game. Players can either command their units in a birds-eye view or micromanage their units.

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Teamwork is vital in Iron Conflict. Players will need to keep communication channels open at all times to coordinate with their team. There are three different unit types in each team, and players can choose their favorites or choose something new. Players can also help teammates by coordinating with their strategies to ensure a victory.

The development team explained that they placed the game in Early Access first to gain more information from players. They want to use the suggestions and feedback from the community to improve the game’s quality.

The Early Access version is a complete game experience with two factions, more than ten different unit categories, hundreds of individual units, and basic system function like maps, accessories, and more. The game in its current state meets all of the basic game requirements but will only gain more content as development continues.

The full version will have more types of combat units, more gameplay modes, a tutorial system, enhancements to the game’s social features, and possibly a single-player mode plus an expanded set of mod tools. The final price of the game will increase as more content is added.

Players can follow the developer on social media or their official Discord server to learn the newest announcements as soon as they’re available. Those who purchase the Early Access game as asked to give feedback through the Steam community forums, which will ultimately serve as a place for game support.

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Iron Conflict is now available in Steam Early Access.