Dark Grim Mariupolis Is A Strange Point An Click Adventure Now Ported to Xbox One

Dark Grim Mariupolis Is A Strange Point An Click Adventure Now Ported to Xbox One
Credit: Steam XO

This is a strange title that mixes a little of several pieces of horror and point and click adventuring. Dark Grim Mariupolis is a unique tale of choices that will allow you to explore a dark and grim world. Pick up items, use those items, and try to understand what is happening around you.

The game presents itself as a film noir style adventure where you play as a detective. But as you explore the world you will find that there are so many other references and themes mixed in that gives this game a rather full presentation. Out of every game described thus far, Dark Grim Mariupolis defies explanation in strange and unique ways.


Based on the game’s original description, Dark Grim Mariupolis is a classic adventure set in a world of mythology and mysticism. Explore the Greco-Roman age of Decadence as you navigate a daily routine of strange design.

In Mariupolis, you will find a world presented in a dark theme. This title is backed by strange music with no source where you must investigate a crime. Everything in this title is a design of whimsical imagination mixed with practical logic. There is a reason for everything, but the reason is not clear to anyone or anything.

Enjoy the puzzle mechanics as you try and resist the dark and obscure world of the city. Guard yourself with sarcasm and arrogance as you put items together to solve tons of different problems.

Death seems to be an ever-present danger in this title. Although everything is simple and the puzzle feel present, the game continuously reminds players of their mortality despite constant directions towards the contrary.

This game is about the investigation, puzzle-solving, and conversation. If you manage to reply appropriately in each circumstance you can gain more information but at the cost of a moral decision.

This is a title all about life, work, and order. Deceive the authorities, hide your intentions, and try to find a way to escape the world you have grown stuck in. Explore the darl and resist the grasp of the city as you try to understand the grim diety that runs the entire civilization.

This title comes from Team Maruipolis. Although this game is available for all ages, it has a strange underlying tone that should be carefully understood through every playthrough. Enter into a world of robots, noir, and adventure in this strange title.

Dark Grim Mariupolis is now available on Xbox One. Players can find this game on Steam as well for only $4.99.